Wild Kratts Live Review

April 12, 2016

I had an amazing date night with my three year old son last night!  When I heard the Wild Kratts would be coming to Indiana a few months ago, I could barely believe it.  The Kratt brothers, Chris and Martin, are animal explorers in a show on PBS.  They have “creature powers” and can essentially become the animal they touch once their creature power disc has been activated. (Duh.) Liam loves them, and has learned a surprising amount by watching their television show.  Way more than he ever would have learned about animals from me alone.  I love watching together, because I know I’ll learn something too.  When he was about two and half, he started pretending to be the Kratt Brothers.  How cute?
It was a no brainer to attend!  I was a little nervous about going to a live event at 7:00 pm.  That’s dangerously close to bedtime, but he didn’t even notice!  From the moment we arrived, it was exciting. Up on a big screen were bold and bright images, and all the kids were so excited!  Funny note:  While I was so thrilled for date night, Liam saw his friends and ditched me for about fifteen minutes. 

From the moment they got on stage, they were animated and lively.  They were constantly engaging the crowd!  Everyone got a kick out of Chris almost saying Alabama when he was trying to say Indiana!  Give him a break, he’s an animal guy.  Geography isn’t his strong suit. I was so impressed with their performance, it was really amazing. The stunts were just right for a young child, and they had a really fun storyline.  I got misty eyed twice during the performance, because my heart was so warmed seeing Liam interact along with the crowd like that.  He was yelling out, “Go, Martin, go!” and counting down when prompted. He took it all in,  and loved every second. The brothers were also very funny. My second misty eyed incident happened when I looked over and he was laughing so hard at the brothers. I could see how these guys had successfully entertained children for nearly twenty years!  They were just so fun and educational.  Since the majority of their show is a cartoon, I wasn’t sure if Liam would like the human versions of them as much.  He certainly did.

If I’m being honest, as an parent, I was also pretty into it.  I thought they represented a diverse selection of animals in their window of time.  It was light, but informative. I had read online people were complaining about the length of the intermission, and I was nervous it would be an hour long.  It was twenty minutes, and that was the perfect amount of time for a bathroom break for that number of kids! We even stopped by the “gift shop” I was surprised by the quality and prices.  In my experience, these live shows don’t generally have the best value. Everything was really nice and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. There was something for every budget at the gift shop, and it was also pretty well hidden, so it wasn’t hard to deter kids from it.  I would suggest bringing cash, because the cash line was much shorter than the card line.

One of my favorite parts was when Aviva, after presenting one of her hip inventions, reminded us that girls make great scientists!  What a cool reminder for the young girls in the audience.  Liam’s favorite part was when they activated Woodpecker creature powers.  I was worried he might fall out of his seat, because he was laughing so hard.  It was a really memorable night, I felt like I couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the show was.  Moms were universally impressed, these live things are always so hit or miss!  There was soaring through the air, tons of laughing, and a lot of learning hidden inside the theatrics.

If I can encourage you to do one thing, it would be upgrade to a ticket that allows you to go to the meet and greet after the show.  They were so amazing one on one, with each child, siblings included.  The kids wore name tags so as soon as they walked up, the Kratts addressed each by name. Each child got a photo, that the brothers signed, and if they had a phone or camera handy- a photo with them.  Liam got a little shy or sleepy by his turn to meet Chris, so he just kept repeating something about a cheetah.  Chris was so kind and patient.  Martin was really funny and his love for children was so apparent.  We had an amazing night, I’m so glad we got to do that together. Liam was so tired, he fell asleep before we left the parking lot. He came home and put his pajamas on, but wouldn’t take off his new creature power suit!

We got the inside scoop and learned that there’s 26 new episodes of Wild Kratts in the works! Also adorable, Liam has already decided he wants a Wild Kratts birthday party in late August!

Have you seen the Wild Kratts live?  What did you think?  Check out our photos from the night!

all "dressed up" for our date night!
all “dressed up” for our date night!
He was so excited!! which made me extremely happy!
He was so excited!! which made me extremely happy!
In our amazing seats ready for the show to begin!!
In our amazing seats ready for the show to begin!!
He got a little shy with Chris! (His favorite)
He got a little shy with Chris! (His favorite)
Meeting Chris!
Liam was out before we left the parking garage! Also, he put on his pajamas and then his creature power vest and slept in all night.
Liam was out before we left the parking garage! Also, he put on his pajamas and then his creature power vest and slept in all night.
Meeting Martin
Meeting Martin
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    1. I’m a 21-year-old college student majoring in biology. I was inspired to pursue a veterinary career because of the Kratt brothers’ old show, “Zoboomafoo”. 😀 In fact, the Kratt bros still have an awesome adult fanbase because of their older shows.

      My mom paid for my “Wild Kratts Live” ticket as well, and it was on a school night! I didn’t want to go alone, so I dragged my little brother (17 at the time) along to come with me. I think the most intense, teary eyed moment for me is when they said, “What if?” and went from cartoon version to real-life version. It was like, “Omg, they’re here and they’re REAL.” When they were talking about the new episodes and the new creatures, my brother and I instinctively stood and cheered when the narwhal came up on the big screen. Of course, as grown ups, my brother and I couldn’t help but laugh at the little things, like how the Zachbot looked like a trashcan or how huge Chris’ woodpecker costume was.
      Regardless, I had a lot of fun and my brother admitted to, at the very least, not regretting coming with me.

      Liam is definitely lucky to have met them. I hope I get to meet the Chris and Martin one day to thank them for all the work they’ve done. :3

      1. It lasted about 2 hours with a 20 minute intermission

    1. Thank you for this post!! I was able to snag a VIP ticket for my son!!!! QUESTION : Do they give you the name-tags when you’re there? Our tickets just say “VIP” on them. I’m just wondering if they give you instructions when you get there (on where to go, what to do etc.).

      1. Yes! They do! It is an amazingly streamlined and awesome process. You’ll be really inspired

      1. They will direct you through the whole process!! It’s so easy!

    1. Would you recommend getting tickets in 2nd row or 10+ back from stage? I wasn’t sure with the big screen.

      1. That’s a good question! I would say you’re honestly fine anywhere. They were not hard to see from where we were which was maybe 5 rows?

    1. Hey, I’m considering upgrading to VIP and I’m wonder what you meant by “They were so amazing one on one, with each child, siblings included”. Does that mean you didn’t have to get a VIP ticket for each child? We are buying tickets for my soon to be 6 year daughter who is obsessed with WK, and want to know if we need to upgrade for both her and our 3 year old of we want them both to get to go.

    1. omg, my kids would love this ! (And, I’ve been watching the Kratts on TV since I was younger!)

    1. So cute! An adorable date! We haven’t seen that show yet, but my nephews love it!

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