Why OUR FAMILY is Skipping Christmas This Year & Doing a Disney Cruise Instead.

January 7, 2019

In 2018, we had the opportunity to go on our first ever Disney Cruise. It was the best family vacation experience of my life.

There is genuinely something for everyone!

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Our family is pretty spread apart so every holiday season we find ourselves faced with the following choices: Who will spend ALL THE MONEY to fly their family to a new time zone, exchange gifts, and go home. Sure, we might do something like Zoo lights but the truth is there’s nearly 10 grandkids these days. It’s a lot of work to corral that number of children at any place, not to mention the price adds up. Someone always ends up in the kitchen the whole time, someone is always cleaning, and one year all thirty some of us got the stomach flu.

This year, I made a crazy suggestion. What if instead of splurging on flights, cleaning non stop, sleeping uncomfortably to accommodate everyone to avoid paying for a hotel, what if we instead went on a short Disney cruise? I’ll admit that at first I got some sideways looks, but when everyone started looking at the prices and how desperate we are to stop acquiring more stuff and opt for more experiences: we knew Disney cruise was our clear winner!

Disney cruise takes care of our lodging concerns, giving each family a comfortable sleeping space. We will more than entertained, between the nursery and kids club, we can rotate between adults only time and children’s activities. There’s shows on board, each meal is included in the cost of the cruise, and there’s sunshine and an island! Plus, Disney characters! Each night on board there’s special family entertainment like the popular Pirate night. (This is a huge perk for us because the grandkids range in age from 1-10, so it’s really nice to have areas that allow them to get that quality time in without boring the older boys or leaving the younger boys out.)

I’m excited to check out the Very Merrytime (see what they did there?) I love having something to look forward to and save intentionally for.

Some of our favorite things on the Disney Cruise:
-Kid’s Club. I think I told you guys in a past post that sometimes the boys didn’t even want to leave! This works well for celebrating a holiday on board, because the siblings can catch up or everyone can go out wiht their partner for a dinner date.

-Family meal times- I love that these beautiful, delicious meals they serve are offered at the perfect time to enjoy as a family. The wait staff makes the meal times truly magical. Sawyer still talks about our server who could make just about any animal with a napkin.

-Bunk beds- the boys were v impressed with the bunk beds that came out of the ceiling.

-Character experiences- There’s sooo many on board.

-Buffet menu with ocean views– That was blissful

-Port Adventures- My husband lovedddd going fishing. He went on a three hour fishing excursion and caught 18 fish during that time. (He would like me to remind ya’ll to bring sunscreen!)

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