Tips For A Smooth Holiday Season!

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I’ve been a journey this year to a slower lifestyle. I know holidays can throw that off, because there are so many things seeking out our time and attention. So many things that are good and fun, but can just zap all of our energy if we aren’t careful. So, this year I’m proposing instead of waiting until last minute, let’s get a head start and tackle small, manageable projects over the next couple of months.

1) Use a service like Postable to collect addresses.

2) Schedule family photos as early as possible.

3) Order holiday cards (tip- shopping early usually equals bigger savings!)

4) Sift through your holiday décor/ clothing. Do this as early as you can so you know what you’ll be shopping second hand/ sales for. If you know you want the adorable matching pajamas, take note of sizes now so you can jump on deals as they come up in November and December. Order online to be delivered to your house.


5) Wrap gifts as you aquire them. I like to choose a print of wrapping paper for each child and wrap gifts as soon as they come into our home. We check yard sales, thrift stores, sales, etc — a little more about building a gift closet can be found here!

6) If you plan to travel, start scheduling your holiday travel now. Get this stressful task off your list as early as you can.

7) Will you celebrate advent? If so, start planning your advent activities now. Are you doing service projects? Reverse advent? Books? Plan it now so on 12/1, you can just pull everything out and get started!

8) Make a budget- What is your budget for the holiday season this year? Include travel, gifts, meals, etc.

9) Determine who you will get gifts for this year. Make a list and think of how many things/what you’ll be gifting.

10) Make a schedule for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas- Will you be visiting grandparents on Christmas eve? Hosting? Write it out.

11) If you use your credit card like a debit card to collect cash rewards- Plan when you need to cash those out.

12) Find a simple cookie recipe for cookie exchanges. Also, if you do Christmas movies– here’s a list of my favorites!

13) Seek out service projects for the entire family- how will you make time to give back this holiday season?

14) Do a home wide purge before the holidays before new things start coming into the home. This is also a great time to see what clothes will work for younger siblings and help you decide what if anything you need to get.

15) Make a list as a family and decide on your priorities for the holiday season! I know I’m guilty of signing up for everything, but my five year is old is a homebody. So, I want to balance that well!

16) Schedule in lazy days- times you say no, times to watch Christmas movies, and skip events.

17) Learn to say no! This is something I’m still working on, but learning to say no so I can say yes to things I really love.

18) Put Christmas books on hold at the library in November.

19) Make a list of activities you’d like to do together as a family. Do you enjoy building gingerbread homes? Driving around to look at lights? Write a list of activities that you really love and add those to the calendar!

20) Do you need to order stockings?

21) Put on the calendar what day you’ll decorate the tree.

22) When you decorate for Thanksgiving, see how you can carry those things over into the Christmas season!

23) Carve out time to read a good Christmas book.

24) Set up your tv to record Hallmark Christmas movies, if you’re into them!

25) Enjoy a funny piece I wrote about building a gingerbread house with the boys when they were 3 & 1!


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