So, you want your kids to love science?

September 8, 2017

Disclosure:  I received these toys from Oriental Trading to conduct this blog post.  All opinions expressed are mine, and I only work with companies I love on this blog.

Every year I find that school is slightly more competitive, parents starting their kids younger and younger in rigorous academic programs, and forgetting the value of ole fashioned play.  I read a book a while back called, The Importance of Being Little: What Young Children Really Need From Adults.  I found it to be one of the most amazing reads I’ve ever found in my motherhood journey.  It encouraged me to let the boys play more, and inspired me to find more ways to incorporate learning strategically into our homeschool preschool.

Oriental trading makes this easier than ever.  They have a range of amazing products in their store promoting play and education simultaneously.  I’ve been very happy with their homeschool/school resources.  A few things I grabbed from their online catalog for the kiddos:

Magnifying glass– perfect for looking for bugs, let’s be real.

Bug Nets– perfect for catching said bugs.

I also got a microscope, which appears to be out of stock on their website right now.  I will update this post when it is back in stock.  I love a good primary microscope.  They can take them outside and be in nature, and they don’t even realize they’re making observations or learning how to use a microscope.  I will gently sneak in information about the scientific method.

The last thing I got for science class, is a Melissa & Doug band in a box from Oriental Trading.  This pretty quickly became a neighborhood favorite.  Every kid in our neighborhood was rocking out with a musical instrument. There are numerous studies linking the relationship of music and higher science and math scores.  So, yeah I’m going to let them rock out.  Outdoors.  On the other side of the neighborhood, maybe?

Oriental trading is my favorite spot for collecting affordably priced homeschool/preschool goods.  From crafts to high quality toys, they seem to have everything you could need. Keep learning light and fun, let their natural childhood wonder occupy the bulk of your academics and great things are sure to come!

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