Intentional learning time with Bookshark: a new series!

March 29, 2017

Disclosure: I received a free Bookshark Homeschool curriculum in exchange for an honest review on my blog through out our homeschool year!

One of the intentions I set for 2017 was to begin a kindergarten readiness program with Liam. He’s four, so obviously nothing insanely rigorous but I was hoping to really gauge where he is at and how I can help get ready for kindergarten in 2018. We’ve already started looking into different schools and even thought about private schools while looking at a site similar to, but for now, we’re concentrating on getting him started with homeschooling. Three months into our makeshift home-school curriculum, I began to realize how much time I was spending planning, crafting, ordering, and preparing for daily lessons. I was always buying new supplies to improve his learning experience, such as this dryerase roll. The most important part of homeschooling is planning the lessons! It wasn’t feeling like my best use of my time as a mother, wife, and homeschooling parent. One of my friends later told me that she gathers different worksheets, like sight word worksheets for example, to give to her children once she’s gone through that topic. She says that worksheets help her to see whether the child has picked it up or not. That’s a good idea, perhaps that’s something to think about for my future lessons.

I did a lot of research and finally decided on a home school curriculum that I really adored! Bookshark is an age-appropriate literature-based curriculum! They included math manipulative in our kit, read-aloud books, an art add on book, and plenty of great literature. I feel like we often overlook the difference in quality literature and books. There are books out there (especially for kids) that aren’t overflowing with rich language. I have read it over and over that if you want to help your children succeed, reading aloud to them is the number one tool for that. I love that, too. Reading is available to you in so many places and way, so why not test out that theory!?

Bookshark also included some really awesome workbooks called “developing the early learner” in the instructor guide, it says do 1-2 a day, which I think is wonderful and reasonable. Much to my surprise, Liam is burning through them! He takes one with him everywhere and has been progressing through well beyond the outlined schedule. Another lovely perk of teaching your kids at home, you can go at their pace. I love being able to incorporate some intentional learning time into our days. Down below, you’ll see Liam built a fort and we ended up grabbing our homeschool materials and getting work done in there for about an hour.

The preschool age curriculum from Bookshark is really designed to be enjoyed. It is really created to build that desire to learn more and more! I am loving having the instructor guide, I follow along in there but also remain mindful of Liam and his interests. I’m wasting a ton less time, and having everything I need for homeschool in one basket is really creating the atmosphere for learning (and teaching) I was envisioning. This is going to be a new series I’m doing on the blog and over on Pinterest, where I’ll be sharing our tips for successful homeschooling 2.5-5 year olds. It is really a fun age to immerse yourself with. As a mom, I like it because some days can get some mundane. This gives us a schedule and some inspiration for intentional learning time.

Do you use Book Shark?! Comment below.

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