Visit Albuquerque With Kids?! –24 Hours In ABQ!

January 13, 2019

Disclosure: Thank you to the team at Visit Albuquerque and their partners for hosting for us our amazing experience while we were in the area.

I could not be happier with all we were able to see and do on our road trip from Oregon to Florida in December. The boys are a really good car travel age, give them some shows and some LEGO bricks and they are golden. Content to just hang out back there! We drove from Utah down to New Mexico. It was a long travel day, but rolling into the city and seeing the sunny skyline made it all worthwhile.

We hadn’t been to ABQ before, but I’d heard multiple times what an amazing destination for family travel. So, when we coordinated our route it was one of the first places we sought out to plan around! Of course, for us when we plan where we will stay we almost almost ask about a dog friendly hotel. We were THRILLED to be hosted by Nativo Lodge, a boutique hotel that loves and welcome dogs! I’m going to actually break down our time there in a separate post, but I’ll share some highlights about this hotel:

1) The indoor/outdoor pool is soooo cool. Half of the pool is inside and half of it is outside, it is a kid paradise situation!
2) They have local artisans paint on the walls, and were even given an award for it’s beauty.
3) It was adorned with stunning cultural relics all throughout. We loved just walking about the lobby and climbing the stairs, because the decor is genuinely stunning. (even our preschoolers could recognize that.)
4) they had a texting concierge service. I thought this was the neatest thing, maybe it’s becoming more popular and I’m just a loser. I hadn’t seen it before, and I loved it. No more waiting on hold on your landline, just shoot down a text if you need something! So nice too if your kids are asleep!

Now, if I could recommend one really neat place to eat WITH KIDS- I would recommend the 66 diner. This place was too cool. So, it was previously a service station — they converted into this really fun, vintage feeling diner. (Think– that place the cool kids go in the movie Grease.) There’s GIANT Pez dispensers lining the parameter, oversized handmade pies, and the menu was incredible. I think I had to tell the waitress to come back three different times, because I could not commit to something. I landed on a chicken fried steak with chiles. It felt right, and it was right. So incredibly delicious! (it was equally tasty when I ate it cold for breakfast the next day #budgettravel) I will share a bit more about this place in a separate post, as this one is just a general overview.

Before getting on the road for another lengthy day of travel, we really wanted to make time for exploring all this beautiful city had to offer. We got only got to explore for about three or four hours, which was just enough time to show us that we’d love to come back in the Spring and stay longer next time. It was rich with activities, and VERY kid & pet friendly. We knew we had to visit the ABQ BioPark. I’ve never read a guide or blog post etc that doesn’t advocate for visiting the BIO park if you’re in the area. The zoo was really perfect and exposed the boys to a lot of animals and facts we didn’t get to see other places. (Like the desert animals and lots of reptiles we’d never see outside of books before!)

The ABQ BioPark has so many things to explore together as a family. The botanic garden, the aquarium, and the zoo are all right there.

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Another really exciting part of the BioPark is Tingsley Beach- my boys are huge anglers, so when I read there was a pond for kids 12 and under right outside the Rio Grande– I knew I had to take them to check it out. You could very easily spend a whole day at Tingsley Beach, pack a picnic, some rods, and just enjoy a family day together. Apparently, they also offer some days where you can get a 5.00 breakfast buffet. (I was still full from the aforementioned leftovers for breakfast)

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    1. I’ve always wanted to go there, such kid-friendly spots you found, love the uniqueness of the lodge. Thanks for sharing!

    1. 😍😍😍😍 looks like a fun place! And love the dog-friendly lodging!

    1. This looks like so much fun! It makes me want to plan a trip with our kids!! And that hotel sounds amazing…what a great trip!

    1. I’m going to have to plan a trip here for our family next! The hotel, the food and all things to do! I love the diner. We are always looking for unique dining options when we travel. How fun!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. We love, love, love ABQ. I was so bummed the kids were sick the whole time we were there in Dec., but I’m glad you guys were able to thoroughly enjoy it! N

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