To my van driving friends, I’m sorry I doubted you.

September 10, 2016

You guys may have noticed yesterday that I had a flat tire. So, naturally that landed me at the Car Dealership for service between lunch and naptime. Not for the faint of the heart, to be honest. I fed them a fast food lunch there in the customer waiting area, we watched a Paw Patrol, things were going smoothly so I said go ahead and change my oil too! YOLO, right? Let me back up here and tell you I’ve been really wanting a third row in my car, I hate not being able to bring friends places. The zoo is an hour from where we live here, so I would love the option to bring friends there. Or when my friends have babies, I can never volunteer to take their older kids somewhere. I can only fit two car seats in the back, ya know?

So, in an effort to entertain my boys, I decided we would test drive some cars around the lot. We checked out two SUVs, and I felt like it wasn’t much of an upgrade from our already awesome SUVs. The guy suggested I just try a van. “Whatever,” I thought. It’s not like we are actually going to buy a new car..

I should have stayed away.

I shouldn’t have let my skin touch the leather.

I should have walked away.

He handed me the keys, and said just press that button and we can put the car seats in.

One button and all the doors opened. Except they opened differently, they slide back so there’s no concern for the condition of the vehicles beside you. My boys took up the first two captain’s chairs in the middle of the van, leaving me with an empty passenger seat and three seats in the very back. That’s spacing for an additional four people. Still, it’s not my speedy little SUV. It isn’t the SUV that says, I love the outdoors, safety, and gas efficiency.

Next up, this guy told me to press the button on the roof and viola. Four screens came down for the children in the back seats. He then explains to me I can sync my phone up and listen to what I’d like in the front of the van. So, he’s saying.. I can turn on Paw Patrol in the back and “2000s Hip Hop Road Trip.” in the front? SAY WHAT.

Rear camera he said.

Press a button to open the trunk he said.

Put the seats down in the back and have an extra bedroom, or perfect place for the furniture I pick up off the streets.

Within 20 minutes, I could see my whole life in this van.

Listening to “Still Fly.” in the front of the car, with Drake and Beiber on deck while the kids watch a Leap Frog video. I’ll run through the Starbucks line, grab a PSL or GTF as seasonally appropriate, roll on over to a friend’s house. Pick up her and her two kids. Maybe we will go to the Zoo, or maybe we will go to the drive in movie with an air mattress in the trunk. When we go on vacation as a family, I can listen to an audiobook with my husband in the front while our kids watch “How To Train Your Dragon 2.” I could play caraoke with friends. I could fold down the seats and watch a movie in my garage. The options are limitless.

Who knows if I’ll ever own a van? I want one, I went home and looked at compare van insurance websites just dreaming of this van. I know Money Expert offer great policies for a range of different uses such as courier drivers and even young drivers. This blog post is for my friends I’ve ridiculed. “I’ll never drive a van.” I’ve said definitively. Fifteen minutes inside of that spacious cab, and my family feels incomplete without one. For friends I’ve questioned, it was jealousy. Subconsciously, I think I wanted your whip. Until I own my own, I’ll live in resentment of your van. I’m sorry I ever doubted the joy a van could bring.

Disclaimer: I’m very grateful for my car, but seriously..

Update: I know I don’t actually need a new car (or van). I am also very much aware of the risks of buying from a car dealership (visit the website of a dealership fraud lawyer if you want to know more about these risks). But I just can’t help myself! After FINALLY getting my husband on board… I went back to the dealership, and in the 35 minutes I wasn’t there, the 2 vans which I had looked out had sold. It seems like a sign to me that this isn’t the right time.

I will probably try again tomorrow ?

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    1. Haha, I absolutely love this post! You are such a fun, creative writer! One day, I may get a van, too! I hate the way it looks, but I love all the functionality. But hey, I hate the way our volvo looks, to, so who cares at this point! 🙂

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