Our Valentine’s Day Party At Build A Bear Workshop! (or world’s easiest party idea?)

January 30, 2018

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Build a Bear Workshop.  All opinions expressed are my own.

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to host a party at the Washington Square Mall Build A Bear store.   It was easily the best children’s party we have ever done, and it really changed my perspective on future parties and experiences for my kids.  I think I’m done hosting elaborate party for my kids when for the same price I could let energetic store employees entertain my kids while I actually enjoy the party.  Build a Bear took care of everything with their fabulous party packages.  I want to say how much I support Build a Bear as the PERFECT winter party celebration venue.  People pay soooo much money for venues and then still turn around and pay for every other detail.  Build a Bear handles everything.  The party attendant entertained the children with fun games throughout, I was in true awe of her patience.

The kids got a party favor they will treasure forever.  They spent the duration of the party engaged in making their darling “stuffies” while the parents took photos and enjoyed watching these happy children.  I asked how the Valentine’s Day party was different from their birthday packages and she said that sometimes people will bring in cupcakes or cake, which can be served.  Otherwise, there’s no real need for decorations and the entertainment and favors are already taken care of.  It was smooth and blissful.

Build a Bear is truly all about creating memories as a family. Sawyer, my three year old, has never enjoyed the way he enjoyed Build A Bear. It was so adorable. He ate it up, and participated in every activity our angelic hostess, Hailey, led.

As far as party options go, BAB has several options. You can even set a limit on how much you want to spend per guest. You can learn more about their packages on their website! I love the heirloom quality bears they made on Saturday morning. We made such special memories and I loved watching them nurturing their friendships before a holiday all about love.

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    1. What an amazing idea!!! Thank you for sharing this. Our son is just a baby right now; but he loves his stuffed puppy (aka best friend) Scout so much, that I know this would be an amazing birthday party idea for the future and you know I’m tucking it away to remember!!! And omg, I LOVE the pictures!!! Sawyer is so sweet, tender, and happy with his new friend ❤️ Happy birthday to him and thanks again for sharing these wonderful experiences with us that we can use.

    1. This is so fun! What a fabulous idea! I’ve always wanted to get Build a Bears for my kiddos…it’s such a fabulous idea to do it for a birthday party!

    1. This looks so fun! I’ve not yet been to BAB for a party, but we’ve gone there a LOT over the last few years. Like, a LOT. 😛 And we have several BAB gift cards just calling our names 😉

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