Use Your Clutter As Home Decor + A Little Home Tour.

January 8, 2019

Be honest right now. Are you watching “Tidying Up” on Netflix? I absolutely am! I love that show. I think a lot of people are intimidated by it, because they feel backed into a corner and like they need to immediately burn everything they own. That simply isn’t true! I read the book back in 2015 or 2016, and found it very eye opening. It was really the start of a love of design for me! What I found during that time was that I could display items I love around my house and truly create a beautiful house that SERVED me, my family, and my guests really well in a very functional capacity. INSTEAD of– storing sentimental items away in boxes we’d never touch or constantly feeling the need to clean up behind the boys after they’d color or play with LEGO bricks. It was just not a very sustainable way of life as a mom with two little kids.

So, yes, I did get rid of a lot of stuff. I got rid clothes I’d never fit back into (a hard pill to swallow) toys that were junky, loud, or difficult to store. We sort of gave everything a place and every place a thing. It just makes cleaning so much easier in the long run. Although, I know if you’re not an organized person by nature that might sound really scary! Things like LEGO bricks that aren’t going anywhere got stored in a pretty, functional way.

We downgraded everything really. Like, why do we have 87 towels? There are four of us. So, now we have about 4 fancy towels for guests and then 4 nice towels for us. Each bed has only two options for bedding, all the plates match and we have only one set. Let me be frank and say we are not minimalists, we still have a lot of stuff.– it’s just paired down and as orderly as we can maintain without going crazy. We also really don’t keep a ton of food in the house. We stock up at sales, but we don’t get items we are not a thousand percent sure we will eventually eat. This is helpful to me with meal planning I’ll be honest. If I see a bunch of stuff in the pantry, I think “oh, we’ve got plenty of food.” even if none of it would make anything resembling a meal (ha!) I like to keep a running list on my Cozi app or my planner, and make a weekly menu plan and shop around that.

Hopefully this post will give you guys some realistic suggestions for putting your clutter in it’s right place. I know that when my house is super cluttered, I feel anxious. I have a harder time focusing! Scroll down through each photo and I’ve included a caption sort of breaking down what I’ve done. Comment below for me though please if you find this helpful, as I’m trying to gauge if ya’ll would like more content like this!

Throw stuff away– I know this is a hard one, but when I thought about it like this it really helped me. “If I donate this to xyz, someone else can use it and ENJOY it. Pick a cause you’re passionate about and send it to them.

Remind yourself how much easier it will be to clean the house when you’re not drowning in stuff. This might make me sound lazy, but this was great incentive for me.

It really helps everyone get moving and going when you need them. If you only have 2 pairs of shoes, and they only go one place. No one is going to be screaming FIND YOUR SHOES, WE ARE LATE.

Look for innovative ways to store stuff so that you can actually enjoy it v. hiding it away in boxes.

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    1. Love the tour and the tips. I have those Ikea buckets on my kitchen wall. And just bought some of those little target pics for my bathroom wall!

    1. I love it! And your new house is so beautiful! I can’t wait to see move of it!

    1. When I was babysitting my 3 month old granddaughter last weekend, I binge watched the entire season of Tidying Up in one day! I downsized from 1600 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft. when I retired from teacing high school last month. I had to PURGE big time. That show, and now your post, have helped me see that I still have stuff that doesn’t give me joy so I need to take care of that. I LOVE the Ikea rod and baskets!

    1. Thank you so much for the inspiration! I’m actually in the middle of decluttering right now and this has given me a new perspective :).

    1. Thank you for the photos and tour! I am in the process of decluttering now. It is a huge task, I put it off for too many years! I am really working hard on only keeping items that bring me joy.

    1. I still haven’t watched this Netflix show, so now I have to put it on my list. I call my “tidying up” purging. I did a major purge last year when we renovated our kitchen, but I’m working on a second purge. Because like you mentioned, do we really need all that “stuff” — probably not. Thanks for the inspiration.

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