umm.. excuse me, but these years are short.

May 26, 2017

This summer Sawyer will turn three: he is a potty trained, swimming, hilarious, contrary little boy.  He stretches my patience, gives the best hugs, and just makes me proud every day.  At the end of the summer, Liam will turn five.  He is a friendly, emphatic, a master build, occasionally wild.  That means in sixteen months, I’ll have a child who could attend kindergarten.  The following summer, I would have a second child eligible for kindergarten.  That means they would be away from me for 35-40 hours a week.  If you had ask me two years ago, I would have thought how amazing that sounds.  Now, as time has strengthened our relationship, my expectations have shifted, and my boys are easier to enjoy.. it sounds a little heartbreaking.

This realization has given me such a special perspective as we head into this summer.  Everything in our lives have slowed down slightly since grad school is over.  We have a new house in a neighborhood full of kids, dad has a normal schedule, and naps are a thing of our past.  With tonsils gone, sleep is something that occurs regularly.  I feel like a normal, functioning human more often than not.  So what am I doing with this renewed sense of energy?  I’m making the moments count: we are baking, we are swimming all day, we are eating popsicles with the neighborhood kids. We are savoring, relishing in moments that will be harder to come by in years ahead.  We are making up for the fun missed during the more challenging “baby years.”  

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    1. I couldn’t agree with you more! These years are flying by, and I’m trying my best to enjoy every second!

      1. Amen sister. I’ll remind you if you remind me hahah

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