Tuesday Top 10: Thrift Edition[+ a challenge for you!]

April 29, 2019

This week for my Tuesday top ten challenge, I thought it would be fun to share ten things I recently found at local thrift stores or yard sales. I also wanted to challenge ya’ll to get out and thrift yourselves. It’s cheaper, better for the planet, and always really fun! I love to grab a coffee, or a friend, and go browse for some good bargains! Here are ten things I found and loved this week.

1) This shirt- I snagged this for 4 bucks I believe at our local Goodwill. I made a commitment to not purchasing any clothes this year unless I was MADLY in love with something.

2) This rug- I grabbed this rug for 30.00 I believe? It was just the right size and I love the color it is adding to my grey living space!

3) 7 by Jen Hatmaker- So, I recently heard Jen on one of my favorite podcasts talking about 7, an experiment turned book she did some time ago. Not even a week later, I found it at a thrift store! I devoured this book. Jen has such an incredible way with words, and this book changed my life. She taught me through her experiences about waste, contentment, and so much more.

4) This Lily Pulitzer tumbler with straw- I got this for 2.00 at a yard sale, it’s so cute! This is one of my favorite brands, but rarely can I justify the expense.

5) This cute romper– I love to find thrifted rompers, because it’s like getting a full outfit for (in this case, 6.99)

6) This vintage picnic basket — I grabbed this at the thrift store a couple weeks ago, and it has been perfect for beach days. Plus, it’s adorable.

7) The Movie “Divine Secrets of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood”– I have never seen this movie, but always wanted to! I love to look for cheap movies at thrift stores and yard sales. This works perfectly for family movie nights or invite your friends over for a movie night.

8) Food storage containers- I am always in need of these for packing someone’s lunch. I love to look for kitchen things at low, low prices secondhand.

9) Gifts for Christmas- I don’t have a photo, but I found Liam a bicycle for $8.00! I put it away for Christmas (yes, in May!) Keep an eye out for gifts for baby showers, birthdays, etc. OH and white elephant gifts!

10) Board games- I love to get board games and puzzles at thrift stores, I do suggest checking the box and discerning if the pieces (or enough pieces) are there. BUT…a game night is a great frugal activity!

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If you have a fun thrifted find tag me on social! I’d love to see it. Comment below and share your favorite things to look for when you’re shopping secondhand! Don’t forget to hop over to my friend Stephanie’s page and see what she’s sharing!

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