Tuesday Top 10: Things I’m Loving!

October 1, 2019

I haven’t gotten a Tuesday Top 10 in a while, I simply haven’t felt inspired! The summer doesn’t beckon many new products, but the season change has brought forward some awesome inspiration to pass along to you guys! So, let’s get into it!

1) Connoisseur Kids:

I heard about this book on a podcast, and the author made it so wonderful, I knew I had to have one. I’ll be honest, I usually check books out from the library before I commit to purchasing them. This one has been as amazing it sounded! It’s written to be read along your kids, and tackles manners, etiquette, health, wellness, and she generally includes accompanying active activities and games. We have been loving it! PS_ It is beautifully illustrated!

2) My Yeti Rambler- Okay, I’m a late convert! I got this one as a gift, and I absolutely love it and see its value now. It keeps my coffee hot, and my water cold! It’s amazing.

3) My makeshift, super easy chai tea latte recipe:
So, I just make a mason jar full of chai tea packets from Trader Joe’s. Leave it in the fridge, pour over ice when I’m ready to serve and then add a touch of vanilla coffee creamer! It has been the most perfect in-betweeny seasonal drink!

4) These poster prints I added to the playroom for a budget friendly decoration:
These were literally a free item being give away at an expo booth, you guys! My boys love to fish, so I knew they’d be popular with them. I found some inexpensive plastic black frames for about eight dollars, added the poster, and hung them. It really added some good character in this space, because before there was NOTHING there and it felt a bit empty. I love how it adds dimension, but also shows off my boys personalities really well.

5) Kickboxing- Okay, I started kickboxing about two months ago. It was one of my “when the kids go to school” bucket list items. It is just a 30 minute class, but the amount of work is incredible. It challenges in me in all the right ways, but mostly mentally or else I’d just give up on myself. I feel strong and I feel proud. I put it on my calendar each week, like a date with myself! I know a lot of places offer free first classes, so go try one! I did the free one, and signed up on the spot I enjoyed it so much.

6) Cooking with my kids- This is kind of a random one, but can I just encourage ya’ll to cook with your kids? The boys have been very interested in cooking lately, so I’ve been trying to include them in and more and more recipe makin’. I have to tell you guys, we’ve been having so much fun. Bonus points as a mom, I’m noticing less arguing after school, because we are cooking together.

7) A few favorite kid shows for after schoool – This shouldn’t really count as a ONE thing. However, I shared this over on stories and people asked if I could share so I’m going to that here!
Here were the most popular ones: Storybots, Nature documentaries, Wild Kratts, Carmen Sandiego, American Ninja Warrior Jr., Magic School Bus, & Odd Squad

8) Epcot Food & Wine Festival– I’m adding this here, because we just went over the weekend for the first time. If you’ve been considering, or wondered if it was worth the trip. This is me telling you YES. Go. It was so fun!

9) Wash your makeup brushes- This isn’t exactly a favorite thing, just a reminder.

10) Lastly, a new powder foundation I splurged on from MAC. It is studio fix, and I have to admit, I have gotten a lot of compliments on my skin since I started using it.

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    1. Your skin has been looking amazing lately- Momma needs that powder! And we love cooking together- bonus if it’s cookies we get to eat after! haha

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