Tuesday Top 10- St. Augustine Edition.

February 5, 2019

I had the pleasure of visiting St. Augustine with three of my dearest girlfriends over the weekend. So, I thought it would be fun this week to share 10 of my favorite things from our trip. Mrs. Bishop shared her list as well! Be sure to check it out.

1) Getting away for the weekend with friends.  The last few months have been a genuine whirlwind, having the opportunity to sneak away for two days on an inexpensive weekend away with girlfriends was a perfectly timed reprieve.  If you can do something similar, I strongly encourage you to.  Sometimes your soul needs a weekend, sometimes a dinner out with friends can fill you up.  If you’re trying to be frugal this year: considering hosting a cookbook club, book club with library books, or have an old fashioned slumber party at someone’s house!

2) The Sweet Spot- I’m not sure you can even really tell from this photo, but the desserts at The Sweet Spot were incredible.  I had a vanilla milkshake, and man.. it did not disappoint.  They also sell edible cookie dough! 

3) Coffee from Kookaburra-  This little aussie inspired coffee joint was so yummy! I’m sad I didn’t grab a bag to bring home with me.  They sell delicious coffees (I recommend the PB) 

4) Just sit on the actual, beautiful beach- The beaches of St. Augustine genuinely do not disappoint.  They are breathtaking!  I have to admit it was a real treat to just lay and chat with friends.  (not that I don’t love building sand castles and trying to explain sand/blanket etiquette!) haha

5) Breakfast at the Blue Hen-  Okay, let me tell you the weirdest story .. Every time someone made a recommendation to us there, it would fall through.  The first time it happened, we thought “oh that’s a bummer.” the second time we showed at a place that was closed or didn’t offer what we’d even asked for, I was like.. that’s strange.  BUT.. the third time it happened, it was a true blessing.  BECAUSE– we went to a place that ended up being closed and meeting a boat captain who recommended us to the Blue Hen for what I can only describe as the best breakfast I have ever eaten in my entire life.6) Getting in front of the camera- There are so many majestic places in St. Augustine.  be sure to snap some photos in the area.  

7) Shopping- There were some fun and unique places to shop in the downtown area. I love checking out the little beachy shops, I grabbed some cigar for my husband and some saltwater taffy for my kids.

8) Eat dinner at the prohibition kitchen! — The food and drinks were amazing here! Highly recommend!

9) Visit the secondhand book store- I love checking out thrift stores and secondhand book stores in vacation towns! They always have the best gems.

10) Visit the Distillery for a free tour and samples- FREE is for me. This is a great free activity in St. Augustine!

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