Tuesday Top 10: Simplified Family Resources

April 9, 2019

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1) Cozi App- We use the free version of this app, and it has been such a sanity saver. I honestly prefer to keep everything written on paper, but what kept happening is that it wasn’t making it onto my husband’s calendar. So, we switched to using this app and now we just check it and update and it updates to both of our devices. Wayyyyy more streamlined, and way less overall work. It also keeps everything nice and color coded by person!WIN.WIN.WIN.WIN.WIN.WIN.

2) Postable- This is one I started using two years ago I believe. It’s a virtual, safe, address book. I sent out the link to friends and family- they complete it and include details like their contact information, birthdays, and anniversaries. Really helpful when it comes to sending out cards and things to friends far away.

3) You Need A Budget (YNAB)- If you’ve followed us here for any amount of time, you need we are budgetin’ fools. So, when I learned about YNAB, I knew I had to try it. I want to really suggest this one for anyone who is really wanting to learn more about budgeting and financial planning but feels a bit overwhelmed by it! I really the ease of this program!

4) Grocery delivery and/ or pick up- I didn’t link a specific place, because I know it varies by location, but if this is something you can utilize where you live. Please do.

5) Utilize Some Theme Family Nights- Whether you go for movie night weekly, or like to schedule a biweekly game night. Get some theme nights on your calendar! These give the whole family something to look forward to, and take the need to plan away. Because it’s done and built into!

6) Find out what events your church and library are hosting– Community events through the park and recreation, your church, and your library can add some fun variety into your life.

7) Make a “chore morning” “chorning?” — Intentional time for everyone to contribute something to the household so these responsibilities don’t have to fall on one person.

8) Podcasts & Audiobooks for better car rides– I have found that with the boys in school we are spending way more time in the car these days. Find entertainment for the whole family through podcasts and audiobooks. (I love audible, but my library also offers something similar too– you just typically need to put things on hold.)

9) Amazon Prime- I’m sharing this one, because I was a late adopter. I felt pretty confident I didn’t need it but should instead save my money through couponing. (which is time consuming, let’s be real.) So, if you’re on the fence– you can get things in two days, and you get Amazon Prime Video. (We are working our way through Little House on the Prairie right now.)

10) Set up a babysitting rotation with a friend or two for date nights– This was one of my goals for 2019. Be more intentional with date night. Between the move and everything, we let that slip to the way side. So, it was important to me this year to bring that back. Getting a babysitter these days is sooo expensive, so we just swap with some neighbors! That way we each get to go out. Text some friends and see if they’d be interested.

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