Tuesday Top 10: Favorite Things (except it’s Wednesday!)

March 19, 2019

It’s March! I don’t know if it’s because we just moved in December or what, but I feel like 2019 is just whizzing by so quickly. We are in a new season around here for sure, and in just six months I will have two kids in school for six hours a day. It’s different, and has really put into perspective for me how quickly time with little kids flies by. So, if you’ve noticed I have been around less and less over the last few months. I’m just trying to get myself planted in this new season.

With that said, I’ve been trying to carve out writing time here on the blog. Including my weekly collaboration with Mrs. Bishop for our Tuesday Top 10..

So, here is 10 things I am loving this week and hope you will too!

1) Weighted Hula Hoop- I have been a passionate hula hooper for years, but I will tell you I got out of the habit a couple years back. This is a wonderful work out for people (like me!) who have core strength issues. Throw on some fun music (I love to use Amazon Music Unlimited for my tunes, and there is usually a promotion for your first couple months to make it super affordable!)

2) Digital Minimalism- Just got this book after having it recommended recently. I’m only about 3/4 of the way through, but I love it. It really aligns with my mission to slow down and be more intentional and present in my life.

3) Don’t Mom Alone Podcast I love this podcast, and honestly can’t remember if I’ve already shared it on here or not? I can’t recommend this one enough if you feel thirsty for some mentorship as a mother. I think the host, Heather, has the most amazing guests!

4) Dairy Queen Free Ice Cream Day– this one is actually coming up on March 20th. We just always look forward to this day, so I wanted to share with ya’ll. Get it on your calendar for next week for a midweek treat next week.

5) Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors– I’m finishing this book (on audiobook) right now and it is so beautiful and inspiring and I wish someone had given me this book when my babies were baby, babies. (I shared the Amazon link, but it isn’t an affiliate link.)

6) Cheez It Snack Mix (with caramel popcorn and m&m’s)— Target is the only place I’ve seen these locally, but this is my favorite snack!

7) Kids Fishing Free events- We recently attended our second free fishing event, and I think they do such an incredible job with these. Each one is different, based on location and sponsors (I think?) but we’ve gotten free life vests, free rod and reel, free bait boxes, and even snacks and lunch. I’ve linked up the free fishing kids events I could find!

8) Kids Bowl Free– Sign ups are available now, so sign up now so you don’t forget and miss out on a summer of free bowling!

9) These sandals from Sorel- I snagged this last year for about 50% off, and they are still in amazing shape and so comfortable. I just found them on zappos to link, but I’m sure you can find them anywhere. Again, not an affiliate link.

10) Spot it: the game- I love playing this game with the kids, and it’s a small one so it’s great for travel entertainment.

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