Treating Yourself As A Mom With Custom Hair Products With Prose!

October 4, 2018

Disclosure: I received complimentary products from Prose to review.  All opinions expressed are my own!

Before I had kids, I remember thinking (often aloud) that I would never let myself go once I had children.  Truth to be told, it just sort of happened.  I had one kid and was  able to make “self-care” more of a priority.  After my second son was born, time just became such a rare commodity. It wasn’t that I didn’t do things that I loved, but it was always last priority. I also developed very bad acne after my pregnancy with him.   Pair that with the questionable diet choices I made while my husband was in graduate school and rarely home for family dinner, I noticed the woman I once was disappearing.  (So, to recap— no time or energy for exercise or getting my hair done, a diet of pizza and chicken nuggets, pregnancy/nursing/pregnancy/nursing/general crazy hormones.)

By the time we moved out to Oregon, I was just very unhappy with the woman reflecting back at me in the mirror.  Over the last year, I’ve worked tirelessly to make time for myself and things that give me confidence! This has required some strategic planning on my part, it has required of me to say no to things that are helping me to be the best version of myself (inside and outside) It’s waking up early to exercise and lay out meals for the day, so we don’t go through any drive thru windows.  It is simplifying my makeup routine to something that makes me feel confident, without occupying my entire morning.  It has been a lot of making an investment in staple pieces that work well for multiple things as opposed to a bunch a trendy pieces that leave me paralyzed with choices.  I have started scheduling out my hair appointments and making sure to have appropriate childcare for said appointments.

I’m pleased to report that this year both of my boys are in school (one is for full day and the other is in for three hours a day.) so I’m finding more windows to actively devote to myself.  One product I’ve started using this year is personalized hair products from Prose.  I’ve been honest about my need to simplify, so being able to input my information for them to analysis and just let me know what to get to get has been an extreme time saver.  Their products have left my hair, healthy and shiny, even though I color it regularly.  I love that the consultation leaves me with a custom product that supports my hair’s needs exclusively.  They take so many factors into account, right down to your geographical location and anything that might impact your hair in your environment.  Each bottle is even specially marked with your name!  I also wanted to let you guys know they use the best products, over 80 natural active ingredients! Plus, your satisfaction  is guaranteed, which I find always gives me confidence in shopping.

So, if you’re like me, a young mom navigating the journey back to yourself.  Consider trying out Prose products for a customized product that revives and restores your hair!

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    1. I know the feeling! Having my twins has for sure made me lose sight of myself. But in other ways, I like the new woman I am becoming! It’s almost like I’m finding my real self. It sounds like prose can really help with that too since their products are matched up for your own hair type. I’ll hVe to try them out!

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