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May 17, 2016


The first part of our journey was seven hours long, and we stopped in Kansas City.  I decided a while ago to stock my phone with delicious audiobooks and podcasts.  I wanted to use my time productively and for self growth.  I listened to the last bit of Drew Barrymore’s book and switched to my podcast collection.  I really enjoyed: The Lively Show, Raise Your Hand; Say Yes, and Being Boss.  I like to listen to inspirational women talking about living life creatively.  I used my time for reflection and strategizing for future blog growth. I kept a notebook to make notes at each stop about the exciting stuff I want to add to my calendar for the upcoming year.  Spoiler alert: you should be excited.  The boys were elated to have a DVD player in the car, this was something we splurged on for the trip.  Something a lot of people didn’t realize is that we brought two cars on our thirty seven hour commute.  Which means, I drove the entire time and so did my husband in his car.  Overall, the trip to Kansas City went pretty smoothly.  The last hour was a total nightmare, the boys were hungry and done with being in the car.

The amazing people at the La Quinta there treated us to this beautiful room.  The boys were so excited to dive into their pool after being in the car for nearly seven hours.  The location of the La Quinta was perfect!  Close to restaurants and different activities, we stopped by a cute restaurant and went over to the book store to grab more DVDs.  All within a three minute radius!  The staff completely blew me away there.  They were all SO SO SO SO kind.  La Quinta always welcomes your canine companions, so they are our first choice for travel always.  This particular La Quinta, upon hearing we were bringing our dog, moved us to the first floor so walking him would be easier.  All La Quintas participate in amazing military and veterans discount programs.  This is another reason we love them!  They are affordable for everyone, but they take incredible care of their nation’s military members.  They even offer special discounts through out the year to military members.  Aside from their military discounts, they are a great option for affordable travel with their free breakfast.  They had a lot of options and space for seating for breakfast.  I had a parfait and banana, my boys enjoyed waffles, and my husband savored some boiled eggs.  Free breakfast is such a blessing when you are traveling across the country, and will be spending a ton of money on meals anyway.  If you’re visiting Kansas City, check them out.  They were wonderful.

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