Your 2018 Guide To A Frugal Summer With Kids!

April 2, 2018

Tired of expensive summer camps?  Overpriced summer vacations not in the budget this year?  We totally get it!  I’ve compiled a list of some ways to enjoy the summer months for free this year!  Summer doesn’t have be expensive let’s save that money for special family trips or paying down a bill!  Enjoy summer in a big way, on a budget!

-Attend Library Programs.
-Hit up a new park every week.
-Check out some community splash pads!
-Sign up for summer reading programs!  (The library and Barnes & Noble offer freebies and prizes for reading B&N gives a free book!)
-Look for free Vacation Bible Schools.
-Attend Free Fishing Days in your community!
-Take advantage of Kids Bowl Free 
Kids Skate Free is another awesome program!
-Chick Fila Dress Like A Cow Day.  Get that free CFA!  

-Home Depot offers a free building project the first Saturday of every month.
-Check your local LEGO store for their monthly mini build and other misc
-Volunteer as a family!
-Hit up AMC Theaters for their Kid’s Camp 4.00 movie (WITH KIDS PACK!) 

-Don’t forget REGAL theaters 1.00 movies (note: if you buy a 10 pass, it brings the movies down to .50 each, say what!?)

Weekly library haul!
Go Berry Picking!
Kid’s Fish Free Day!

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