Our Lunch Packing System + Tips For Getting Outside More As A Family With Chobani® Gimmies™ yogurt!

February 4, 2019

This shop has been compensated by Chobani. All opinions are mine alone

I love online grocery pick up service. [which if you haven’t tried it yet, is the BEST thing to ever happen to busy mamas!] This makes it possible for me to cut down on the time I’m currently spending on meal planning and grocery shopping. 

Everyone is involved in every part of family life around here, so that we can tackle our mundane responsibilities while also making it quality time spent together. Our reward is the opportunity to be outside more, reading more books, whatever.

If you’re interested in getting outside more, here’s some fun suggestions of activities to do together as a family:
-Go to the park
-Go fishing
-Visit the beach or lake
-Go for a walk
-Have friends over for a cook out
-Use sidewalk chalk
-Play and old fashioned game of TAG
-Play hide and seek

Getting outside more also requires a little planning ahead on our part! So, we are packing more lunches and snacks in advance. With that in mind, I thought ya’ll might like to see how we pack lunches and hear about the new Chobani® Gimmies™ yogurt for kids available at Walmart! Chobani® Gimmies™ yogurts are made with only natural, non-GMO ingredients, and never any thickeners, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners. Like all Chobani® yogurts.

They have amazing flavor variations like: 
Choco Chunk Cookie Dunk, Cookies & Cream Crush, and Best Birthday Ever.

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Lunch packing station tips to get your kids involved:

My six year old actually really enjoys making sandwiches, so this is an easy task for him to do!

I like to divide fruits and vegetables into individual containers so he can choose two for his lunch box.

Then I keep a stack of Chobani® Gimmies™ yogurts, where he can reach to include in his lunchbox as well.

We try to always lunch the night before, so we can think about what is going on the next day and how many snacks we will need for the whole day!

So, to summarize- Let Walmart get your groceries ready, have your kids help you pack their lunches and snacks, and find more time in the day to get outdoors as a family!

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