Disney On Ice: Everything You Need To Know!

October 27, 2018

Disclaimer:  We were lucky enough to receive complimentary tickets to attend Disney on Ice in exchange for creating this post.  All opinions are my own, honest thoughts.

Regular readers know that we are huge fans of Disney in our house!  We absolutely love Disney, everything.  Funnily enough though, until last week, I had never been to Disney on Ice.  Despite the fact, I went through a huge figure skating phase as a child it was just never something in our budget growing up.  Since having kids, I think we were really just waiting until they were a little older.  That now seems really silly on my part, because it was genuinely so age appropriate for each member of the family.  I will be the first to admit that I went in with low expectations!  I assumed it would be people skating around in costumes to some music.  I did not exact the theatrics that they delivered, between the fire and the audience interaction:
I was so very blown away by their talent and attention to detail.

One thing I especially loved that they were able to do is so eloquently weave so many Disney stories together.  We saw Dare To Dream, and they covered so many classic Disney stories in such a beautiful, yet engaging way.  

The tickets are actually very reasonable for what you get!  Of course search for Disney On Ice promo codes, but if you don’t find one don’t dismay.  The pricing is very fair for the performance.  (You guys know I’m a frugalista, so I’d keep it 100 with you.)

Eat beforehand. Our performance started at 7:00 pm. (and lasted a full 2 hours.)   We wanted to get there early, so we didn’t eat enough dinner and ended up spending 30.00 on our meal.  Learn from us, get enough food in you.  If you can, bring snacks!

Dress up: This is a great reason for Disney bounding or letting your kids bust out their favorite Disney costumes.

Budget a little extra for souvenirs or pack some from home: There is swag for purchase at every corner.  (maybe even before each corner!) My son was so overstimulated, but I was able to reign him in and he chose the cutest cup with a slushie inside for about 10 bucks.  (or pop by the Dollar Tree before you go and grab some cute Disney stuff!)

Just have fun!


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