Tips For Simplifying The Holidays As A Family!

November 18, 2018

This post is sponsored by Red Baron but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

This holiday season for me is all about re-centering our family and our priorities.  I told you guys over on stories the other day that I am done being on the stressed out, rat race of the holidays. It happens to the best of us, right?  Usually, a series of GOOD things, derail us and wreak havoc on our hearts.  We will find ourselves ran down, overworked, burning out.  (or maybe that’s just me?) This year I’m truly slowing things down, and that isn’t super easy in our culture today.  We are constantly inundated with beautiful photos,  seemingly perfect families, limited time deals, and the like.  This year, I’m changing our pace up some.  I’m opting instead to share tangible ways your family can focus on quality time together that isn’t rushed or obligatory.  I hope to give you permission to say no too 3/4 of the things you usually pile on your December calendar.

Here a couple ways we are simplifying our holiday season:

We’re not attending every event or party we’re invited to. I’m saying no to a lot, because what I’ve learned lately is that saying yes means saying no to something else.

I’m not buying new pajamas or new Christmas decor.  
My kids always tell guests in our home, “our family motto is you get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit” this holiday season, I’m just going to focus on enjoying what we already have, which is more than most, and enjoy it.

No one is getting more than three gifts.  We are emphasizing quantity over quality this year.

These are just three simple adjustments we are making to our holiday plans this year to make room for intentional time together, because that is truly the only thing I want this year. We’re going to savor our favorite Red Baron pizzas (Available in 11 different flavors from fan-favorite Pepperoni to Chipotle Chicken, so everyone has their preferred flavor!)  which you can seriously purchase for around $4.75 at your local grocery store.  We’re going to hunker down with blankets, pizza, and Christmas movies.

The truth is, these years are slipping away, and I want my kids to remember time spent together in imperfect beauty. So, now, I have a question for you!  Any of you have any good dinner time chaos stories to share?

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    1. Major major yes to saying no to more things and just soaking it all up! We are big pizza fans here, so definitely need to gran these to make things easier!

    1. YUM! I will never say no to a red Barron pizza. Thats the brand I ate ALL THROUGH HIGHSCHOOL. I think I used to eat a whole one by myself after school.

    1. Love the sticking with only three gifts… I definitely think that quality is more important that quality. Things can get really crazy sometimes and I think that kids just don’t need a massive amount of presents to enjoy and treasure the holiday.

    1. This is such a good idea. It’s so easy to get caught up in having a huge Christmas but it’s improtant to remember the real reasons for Christmas.

    1. YES. I’m all about paring down for the holidays this year. I’ve told my kids no decorations go up until we’ve cleaned and given away what we don’t use anymore. I vowed to make ZERO handmade gifts. And we’re spending several days of Christmas at the coast, where we can’t bring a zillion presents and toys—just enjoy each other’s company.

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