Tips For Potty Training While Traveling!

October 5, 2018

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post written by my on behalf of Sposie Booster Pads, the number one brand in diaper doublers.  All opinions are entirely my own.

We travel a lot, sometimes only a short distance by car and other times we will do lengthier trips.  More often than not, we bring our kids along for the adventure. When it comes to traveling with kids,  keep your expectations low and you will definitely reap the benefits.

This certainly requires more flexibility on our part, and over the years we’ve learned tricks for smoothing our travel processes as a family. Today, I’m going to share about Sposie Booster Pads, which we’ve grown to love for car rides or sleeping in new places, like a hotel!  Honestly, is there anything more stressful than trying to calm a toddler that’s soaked through their diaper and ruined their bedding in an unfamiliar place?  We’ve found them to be a great solution for our son who is a heavy wetter during the night time, because they double the capacity of your child’s diaper adding up to 8 fl oz. of absorbency.
For those wondering, these are designed for boys and girls. [just leave the insert in the middle for girls and pull to the front for the boys!]
They are very easy to use, you simply place them in your child’s diaper for extra protection.  You can certainly use them in other ways, I’ve even used them in the car seat for extra protection! They are perfect for overnight protection, naps, and travel.  You can grab some for your family at Target, Wal-Mart, or Amazon.  Find them here!

Scroll down for more creative ways to savor more family travel.

I love traveling with kids before they are two, free flights appeal to everyone.  Just don’t forget to pack the birth certificate.

Hit up your local dollar store before heading out on the road with little kids.  Inexpensive gifts can make a huge difference when boredom strikes.

Allow for margin time.  Naps and time to dip into a museum on a whim are one of the best parts of family vacations.

Look for kids eat free or free admission for children of a certain age.  Why not save where you can?

Find out if there’s any special days happening like National Donut Day or Taco Day.  A lot of time these will also have free treats to honor the occasion.

Lay a pillow vertically across the bed for kids to maximize space.  Essentially, you end up with two small size beds perfect for the littles.


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    1. As a mom to six, I remember the struggles of potty training time quite vividly even though those days were decades ago. Those diaper doublers look like the perfect item to take along when traveling with toddlers!

    1. Kids in diapers present certain challenges particularly when travelling. I’m glad you’ve found the perfect solution and can point other parents in the right direction.

    1. I never heard of these pads! I wish I knew about them when I was traveling and we were still potty training walter!

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