Tips For Traveling Alone With Littles

July 15, 2019

Disclosure: Thanks to Sabre for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are my own!

I just went on a road trip with boys a few weeks back, and we had a ball! I was nervous about traveling alone, a near 15 hours in the car! I wanted to be prepared for anything, so I was thrilled to discover Sabre, and their line of personal safety products. I was recently given the opportunity to check out  SABRE’s new Safe Escape Auto Tool! It’s small and can snap right onto my key chain! I love the way they’ve combined three safety tools into one very practical tool, which was so handy for our summer road trip.

For fun, I’ve put together a few of my favorite tips for taking a road trip alone with your kids:

  1. Keep expectations low. This is my top hack for anything related to traveling with kids!
  2. Allow yourself plenty of time to arrive. I was grateful we had no time crunch, so if we needed to stop we just stopped.
  3. Put the snacks in the back with the kids.
  4. Have a trash bag easily accessible for them. — This came in handy as we had our first experience with car sickness. If I had been traveling with my partner, we could have tag teamed this. However, I wasn’t so I was grateful the bag was easy for my son to reach.
  5. Headphones in the backseat. This was my first time giving the boys headphones, and I was so glad I did. I was able to listen to my audiobook or podcast, while they watched shows and listened to their audio books.
  6. Don’t forget water. I get so parched when traveling, don’t forget to grab extra ice cold water any time you stop to refill water bottles.
  7. Rest if you need to. I had to pull over at a rest stop and take a little down time, when I got back on the road 30 minutes later — I was totally restored.
  8. Have fun! We made so many memories on this trip! Don’t forget to seek out playgrounds, unique landmarks, etc, and enjoy this time with your kids!
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