Tips For Your First Season As A Sports Mama + FREE Printable! [TEAM MOM Printable]

January 4, 2020

This season of my life is filled with carpools and sports practices, carefully written out schedules so we don’t miss family dinners. I grew up doing sports, so its been fun to be on the other side of things. I’m hardly a pro at this sports mom thing, but I do have a LITTLE advice. Hopefully, this free printable will be helpful to you guys as well! Print one out, even if you’re not a team mom to stay organized all season long.

Set expectations early– My kids know, one sport per season is all I can manage right now. With the kids newly in elementary school, I’m more protective of our time. So, I don’t want to just whisk them up from school and launch into activities, skirting over family dinners and homework time.

Remember that most of these coaches are volunteers– I don’t think we’ve played a single sport yet, in which the coach was compensated. I have been very surprised, shocked, and hurt by how unkindly these coaches are talked to. I mention this, because I try to really do nice things for coaches throughout the season. Without coaches, these programs wouldn’t be possible. I also make sure my sons thank their coach after every practice and game, showing gratitude for their time.

Snacks are the best part of this sports at this, so always make sure sign ups happen! Whether you use an online service or people sign up on paper, the kids love to get a snack after games. I included a little part on the sign up for that.

Try a variety of sports. This helps to avoid burn out, while allowing them space to make new friends and to learn something new. I would have never guessed my youngest would love flag football as much as he has. This is something we would have never known if we didn’t let him try different things so I’m glad we did!

Don’t forget to keep some of those folding camping chairs in your car. We keep two in each of our cars, especially when both boys had football games on the same day. We’d spend hours at the field on Saturday morning.

Know the names of the other kids on the team! This allows you to cheer for everyone, modeling good sportsmanship for your kids. It’s fun as you develop team family members, to root for each other.

Know where kids eat free on practice and game nights/days. It’s great to have this on the back burner for dinner time, just in case.

Alternatively, have some simple dinners listed out for these nights. We love to do the orange chicken from Trader Joe’s with salad on busy nights. Crock pot meals are also wonderful!

Take plenty of pictures. This one is being silly, but I love when professional players share their kid photos playing their favorite sports. I think it is so sweet!

Shop secondhand for sports equipment. These things can be spendy, so save money when trying new sports by asking to borrow or buy from friends with older kids.

This free printable was created with team boys in mind, but would be awesome for sports mom in general! Coaches can also print this and give it to parents!

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