When I threw away my kids stuff, here’s what I kept: my favorite toys and why I love a good purge.

July 27, 2017

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So, about a year and half ago, I read that book that had us all thanking our dresses for the many years at the club and tossing them into a donation box.  I have never been much of a sentimental person, but I did have some things I needed to accept were not being used as often as I’d like.  I found this to be especially true with my kids’ toys.  We live in this culture of more, more, and more please.  My husband and I did not grow up with that, our families were both quite frugal.  We grew up to be really grateful adults, and that is what I want for my kids.  I want them to value hard work, and appreciate everything they have.  So, I took a long hard look at everything we had and begin donating things.  Knowing that my old work clothes could be something that helped another woman land a job or our neglected toys could bring joy to a new family helped me to thoroughly purge.  It has made cleaning easier, it has created a more grateful household for us, and the boys are playing with things for longer at a time.  This is really nice, because they enter a whole new realm of play after a while.  It is amazing to watch!

So, what did we keep?  

I’m going to share our favorite toys, I really put an emphasis on toys that build creativity and teach something through play.

  1. We kept ALL THE LEGOS.  LEGO BRICKS are the best thing ever.
  2. Each kid has one of these scooters, we loveeee it.  Bonus:  I’ve linked it on Amazon, where it is 50% off right now! 
  3. Books/books/more books.  Kids need to be surrounded by books and other printed materials.  Also, read together all day every day, no pressure. Go to the library every week and just stock up like crazy!  Another insider tip:  Audiobooks, my kids LOVEEEE to have an audiobook going in their room while they play LEGOs.  The library offers several options for free audiobooks streamed or also new things called, “playaways.”

  4. Water Table- We have the most basic water table, I actually bought it in the winter time for 50% off.  I paid about 10 bucks for it, but it has been the best investment!  In the summer, the kids use it for water play.  In the picture, the kids are using this science kit I got 4.00 at the Goodwill to do “water” science.  In winter months, when we are inside all the time, they fill it with rice, beans, or kinetic sand.  It has provided me many opportunities to do dishes or whatever.  
  5. Puzzles- My kids loveeeeee puzzles.  I always great ones at yard sales!  Just count the pieces before you make the 1.00 purchase. I’ve linked some on sale on Amazon below!

  6. I’m also not a fan of kids being inside when the weather is even sort of nice.  Kids need to be outside, and they need to get bored.  They need to make up things to do.

What are you favorite toys?!

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    1. My kids wouldn’t survive the summer without their water table! That being said, they could use a good purge… I need to get on that!

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