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May 31, 2017

Week 2:

We have been here just over two weeks, but it feels like it has been so much longer.

This place is really beginning to feel like home.  We are about 93% unpacked, and while we have a little furniture shopping to do.  Our home feels like home!  There is something about getting the family photos on the wall that makes it feel more quaint, intimate, and like our place.  We’ve been focused on organizing, unpacking,and  placing things where they belong.  We have filled our days with exercise, pool time, exploring new places like the zoo and children’s museum.  We are transitioning from the newness and entering into this place feeling like being home.

I have just been feeling such a great sense of relief.  I just really thrive with routine, order, structure. It’s just my personality. I am owning that!  So, it’s been amazing to have my husband working normal hours, an awesome gym membership, and so many fun and affordable things to do with kids here.

I am definitely longing to build some quality friendships, but I know that takes time!  It requires putting yourself our there, being vulnerable, and courting other women. It’s fun and it’s a nerve wrecking!  “Will they like me?!”

I am also having a blast at home.  Decorating our house is so fun, we knew our last house was so temporary. I just never felt super attached there.  Here, we will move, but it’ll be just across the street or neighborhood. So, I’m having a blast crafting our dream space.  Not even my dream space, but a space that is warm and inviting.  A place you want to stay a while, laugh some, eat some Korean food, drink wine, discuss books, or let your kids play together.

Here’s some basic photos from our recent adventures:

Splash Pads and Starbucks Gift Cards are the BEST.
Our gym’s pool is everything. I’ve been going to a class in the morning and then hitting this fabulous pool with the boys (and a good book) after.
We took advantage of an Urban Sitter coupon and scored a free babysitter. Our first Portland date night was amazing.. we ate at a delicious Korean restaurant and had drinks after.
Did you know on months that end in 31, Baskin Robbins does 1.50 cones?! July & August are hot, ya’ll. Get that cheap ice cream.
Mini quiches are where its at.
Summer naps.. ya’ll. so cute.

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