The Things You Need Around Your House To Be A Fun Mom All Year!

March 30, 2017

I really am a fun mom.

There, I said it. Call me conceited, whatever.  I’m always telling you guys to relish in your gifts.  Well, here I am.. relishing in my gifts.

My gift is being fun as hell. 

I thought I would take a few minutes to tell you guys what I feel you need in your house to maximize the fun you have in your house!

  • Cleaning supplies, because fun is usually messy.
  • play dough, make it or buy it.. ya need it
  • finger paint. washable finger paint
  • sidewalk chalk
  • a kite
  • bubbles  (full disclosure: i hate bubbles, but kids are into them. into dumping them out..)
  • age appropriate board games (so you can transform annoying kid evenings into FAMILY GAME NIGHT AND BONDING!)
  • leftover party supplies.  so you can turn an ordinary Thursday into LEGO or Ninja Turtles Thursday
  • baking supplies.  keep on hand stuff to make cookies or cupcakes
  • a tent or a teepee or fort making supplies
  • hot dogs
  • crayons and markers
  • paper
  • coloring books (dollar tree, for the win!)
  • outside toys
  • kid size shovels
  • LEGO bricks
  • puzzles (again, dollar tree.)
  • library books
  • audiobooks (we like to get these from the library and hoopla)


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