Take Better Pictures Of Your Family, Join My 10 Day Challenge, And Win Prizes!

October 23, 2018

You ever see photos on social media and get frustrated, because your family never cooperates?  It’s cool, we’ve all been there.

Today, as we head into Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays I wanted to take some time and share some photography tips with you guys.  The best part is that all you need is your smart phone!  Yay!

My first tip– stop focusing on only the beautiful, perfect smiling shots.  Those are wonderful and great, but it’s also really beautiful to capture your kids and family engulfed in their everyday.  Cooking, playing, praying, reading are real life moments.  Capture those things.

Second tip- Get down on their level. Squat down and be eye level with your smallest subjects.

Third Tip– when you can, shoot in portrait mode: I’m not sure what the equivalent is for other phones, but in iPhone it is called portrait mode.  It gives a really blurry, beautiful subject focused effect.

Fourth tip– Sit them down and shoot overhead.  I love doing this with red brick floors or pretty tile!

Fifth tip– Tell everyone to pretend to laugh! You know what happens when everyone pretends to laugh?  You actually start cracking up.
Sixth Tip– steal a kiss.  Smiling is great, but you know what photographs even better.  Kisses, hand holding, touch and embrace.  Smiles can feel cold and fake sometimes, but a kiss is always gentle and snuggly.
Seventh tip– Catch em from behind:  This one might feel a little weird, like “Does my butt look fat?  Is my panty line showing?”  but trust me, it always yields a beautiful result.

Eighth tip– Avoid using filters. I can hear the audible gasps over this right now, but hear me out.  Unless you’re using the same filter to create a very cohesive look on your social media feed I suggest you scrap it altogether.  Instead, take your photo in your phone’s camera app and then edit it by upping the brightness or bringing down the contrast.

Ninth tip– What about my dog? Ya’ll hear me when I say that photographing dogs is five hundred times more challenging than any child I’ve ever photographed in my life.  My photo suggestion for dogs is to playfully have one adult hold the dog’s collar.  (like I’m doing in the photo above.)

Tenth tip– Ask that random stranger on the street to take your family’s photo.   Mamas need to be in photos, too.  If that means soliciting a stranger for help than so be it.

To summarize: Avoid over-stylized, expectation shattering photos by focusing instead on creating bright, cheerful reflections of your family’s personality!  Experiment with new angles, show affection in your photos, interweave your favorite heirlooms or props, focus less on the backdrop and more on the subject.

The 10 day photo challenge!!
Starting 10.24.2018 over the next 10 days, follow along on Instagram and Facebook to share your images.  Each photo you share tagging me @thismessyseason and using the hashtag: thismessyseason will be worth one entry!  At the end of the ten days, one of you will win a 20.00 Target gift card and a 5.00 Starbucks gift card!

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