Can You Afford A Family Vacation This Year?

I did not grow up going on family vacations.  A family vacation for us was eating inside of the restaurant as opposed to only picking up our 39 cents Wednesday burgers through the drive thru.  My husband grew up with frugal parents who opted to travel more.  We knew that regular travel would be something of priority in our family's culture, and we are always looking for creative ways to make it happen.  Like everything else in our lives, we…

Disney Cruise Recap + A Video!

Disclosure: We were invited to Disney Social Media Moms, we paid a nominal fee to attend this conference and learn more from industry leaders at Disney. So, pretty much since we got back everyone maghas been eager to hear about our trip and I have been just as eager to divulge every single detail.  It was truly a special trip.  I have a confession though, I did have a favorite part. I absolutely loved the cruise component. I was a bit…

Oregon Coast Aquarium!

Disclosure:  We are so grateful to the Oregon Coast Aquarium for giving us complimentary admission and a darling photo package in exchange for a review of their facility.  Your support  of this blog allows me more opportunities to explore and educate my children.  Rest assured, I only promote brands I love on my site!  I don't think we have ever turned down an opportunity to check out an aquarium.  For as long as I can remember I have found them… portland oregon

Portland: The Children’s Museum

We had a really nice first Saturday in Portland over the weekend.  We went to the gym and the littles went to the insanely wonderful play and learn here.  It has this huge play structure, music, tons of toys. They are just really impressed.  I miss our girls at our old gym, they have become friends and I can't wait to see them in three months. I'm relieved the boys are enjoying their new space, and thought the cutest compliment…