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Foster Care Q & A: What to do before your first placement.

I decided to start writing weekly foster care content, because there's some available online but not much is super current when it comes to tangible resources. So, if you're discerning foster care or you're currently a foster parent, check in each week for more answers. I asked for foster care questions in stories, so I'm trying to answer those here. As always, send along your questions and I'll do my best to help connect you with good resources. You can…

How To Support Foster Children & Families Part II! (even if you can’t be a foster parent yourself!)

This is crazy, ya'll. I'm updating this blog post I wrote back in 2018 when my heart began to shift to potentially becoming a foster parent SOME DAY. SOME day is this day, almost exactly four years since I read a couple blog posts on the topic. Several of my friends had opened their homes to vulnerable children a few years prior, and I had gotten a front row see to their experience. Since the timing had never felt just…