christmas 2019


Holiday Home Tour 2019!

Last year, we were just getting settled into our home. We moved in on December 14th, so we didn't do a lot of decorating. We were just unpacking box after box so decorating just wasn't on the radar. My boys threw up the Christmas tree, and we promptly took it down the day after Christmas to put in storage in an effort to be more organized. This year, I wanted to add some festive touches but that can get expensiveโ€ฆ

Holiday Suggestions When The Last You Need Is More Stuff!

I know in our family, we've been really trying to cut back on stuff and more stuff. I don't want to be people who find ways to organize things we are never going to use anyway. (And all the mamas say, amen!) We told our boys outright we would be purchasing only three gifts per child this year, and they were totally fine with that. In fact, I think they are having fun narrowing down and changing their toy wants.โ€ฆ

Tips For A Smooth Holiday Season!

I've been a journey this year to a slower lifestyle. I know holidays can throw that off, because there are so many things seeking out our time and attention. So many things that are good and fun, but can just zap all of our energy if we aren't careful. So, this year I'm proposing instead of waiting until last minute, let's get a head start and tackle small, manageable projects over the next couple of months. 1) Use a serviceโ€ฆ