Visiting Oregon With Kids & Why You Absolutely Have To.

May 7, 2018

One year ago, we set out from the Midwest to move our family to Portland, Oregon.  My husband was in the military for several years before he went to graduate school and took the rest of us with him.  So, moving isn’t something that is new to us.  Leaving the Midwest was the most challenging move we have ever made, our boys were born there and we tackled life’s biggest changes there.  Above all, the community of support and great friends we’d made as new parents was unbelievable.  I felt beyond nervous to leave that behind that behind for the Pacific Northwest, and I felt even guiltier knowing I’d probably love it out here.

Our first year has passed and I’m pleased to report that we have filled our time with adventures and getting to know our state better.  I spent the first few months pretty hesitant to make friends, it felt like betrayal to my other great friends.  We also spent a good deal of time navigating the time change, our son was two so it was definitely harder on him than us.  (but seriously, why does the sun rise so early here?)  The challenges have been unique, but clothed in blessings.  I can say though with great confidence that Oregon is a state you should visit and maybe even road trip through.  I’ve put together a list of ideas (or an itinerary, if you’re feeling wild.)  Oregon is a beautiful state filled with countless adventures in an hour radius of the already alive Portland.  It is a must visit state and I’ve hand picked our favorite things we’ve done.

Go Fishing- If you visit Portland, Horning’s Hideout is our favorite fishing spot.  With that said, there’s great fishing everywhere and in our year here our kids have became master anglers.

Visit the Coast- I hope this one really goes without saying, but the Coast is roughly an hour from Portland and something you have to experience once in your life.  We loved visiting Newport, Oregon for a long weekend recently.  Hallmark Inn Resorts in Cannon Beach & Newport is our favorite place to spend the night!  (Below, you’ll see the boys watching sea lions!)

Fresh caught crab!  Seriously, my kids caught these for our dinner?!
The Aquarium in Seaside, Oregon
This is just a trail nearby, and there’s plenty of those!

Halloweentown was filmed in Oregon, and you can visit there the whole month of October for spooky fun!
on the Oregon Coast crabbing! Kelly’s Brighton Marina!
Go Berry Picking!
Beer Festival Date Night!
The Tulip Festival is a must check out!
Cherry Blossum Trees, ya’ll!

The Children’s Museum options here are amazing.
Mt. Hood is a great place for skiing (and snuggling)
Tillamook Cheese Factory is amazing!
Everyday is an opportunity for an adventure!
The restaurants in every part of this state are amazing and unique. This is from Astoria, Oregon at the Buoy brewing company. If you’re visiting Portland you need to eat Korean and Donuts!
The zoo options here are incredible as well!

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    1. Cannon beach is on our list of places to visit this summer. We usually do Seaside but I want something a little less crowded! I’ll check out this hotel for our stay!

    1. Great photos from Oregon! I haven’t been there in about 20 years! I definitely need to go back!

      1. Well you know you guys have a place to stay!!!

      Thanks a lot

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