Summertime Dreaming + my bucket lists! (general&portland editions)

January 26, 2017

Since Christmas, I’ve been feeling for the next season of our lives.  I’ve been feeling the shift of my relationships, walls going up knowing that I’ll be leaving soon.  Perhaps, it is the opposite, and I am the one feeling vulnerable about saying goodbye to so many friends and heading across the country.  To be honest, I’ve been feeling sad about leaving and in an effort to remedy that, I’ve been focusing on the summer we are going to have.  We get to drive across the country again, and take the same scenic route as before.  Offering our boys the chance to see and experience things across the country, I know that will be an adventure.  We had such an incredible time last summer, being intentional with our activities, not overscheduling ourselves, and just being together.  Since the boys are older this year, I know it will even easier to adventure and explore the city.  We are family our first family camping trip, which I am both thrilled about and anxious about.  I’m not a camper by nature, but I know the boys will love it.  I made a bucket list unique to the Portland area that I plan to print out and let the boys check off.  I know there’s so many other amazing things we will do this summer beyond this list, but this is a jumping off point.  I added a long weekend to Seattle, because my best friend and her family are moving there.  It’ll be so wonderful having them nearby!  I also created a general summer bucket list with our favorite summer activities with preschoolers.  Take a second to print it or pin it for later, so you can let your kiddos check it off this summer!

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