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September 6, 2017

Disclosure: Grey Bee Kids graciously gifted me some baskets to conduct this article.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

I cannot believe our summer is ending this week!  It has been a summer for the record books, since last day of preschool in April we have: had a parent finish grad school, moved across the country, went the pool 230 time, attended 43 spin classes, went to an amusement park, used a ton of sidewalk chalk, visited a water park, the coast, and many new restaurants.  We have eaten too much ice cream, gotten paint everywhere, read a million books, cooked some new recipes, and had so much fun. 

With that said, it is time for us to get into a routine in our new city.  The vacation is ending, and I’m excited.  For me, this means I’ll be working more and exercising more.  The boys will be gone less than 10 hours a week, which will fly by every week.  However, this does open me up for some new opportunities and I’m equally excited and nervous.  We will continue to homeschool preschool 2-3 hours a week, supplementing what the boys are learning at their darling Christian preschool.

So, as I prepare for an exciting new year, I’m mindful that with both boys off to school for just two hours, I need to be mindful of my time.  I need this family to run smoother than ever before.  So, I’m sharing my organization tips and tricks for making the school year smooth and way more enjoyable.

Start the night before:  You see these adorable baskets from Grey Bee Kids?    Every night before my kids go to bed, they are responsible for laying out everything they need for the following day:  backpacks, clothes for after school activities, outfits for the next day, signed papers, any non-perishable snacks they need for the next day.  

Liam’s got his karate uniform, non-perishable snacks, and a backpack packed away.  Sawyer has soccer cleats, fresh clothes, and his backpack in his basket.

I’ve been keeping the baskets right by the door, everyone can get situated before they have to leave the house.  These baskets are not only adorable with their fun animal prints, but they are durable.  My boys can carry them upstairs and downstairs easily.  Organization means so much to me in terms of maintaining sanity and getting people out the door.

Tip 2: Get breakfast ready in under two minutes.  Make breakfast the night before if you can, I like to do this while making dinner the night before.  For example, I’ll prep a breakfast casserole or quiche.  Other quick delicious options:  frozen waffles (make some and freeze them) oatmeal, eggs, boiled eggs, peanut butter/jelly.

Tip 3: Wake up a few minutes (at least!) before your kids.  I think a lot of times as mamas we get mad at our kids when we really should be a little made at ourselves for not preparing better.  Wake up before your kids, drink your coffee, and get dressed.  So, when they do make up you can run the show and get everyone moving along.

Tip 4: Have a place for shoes/coats/keys/whatever:  Our kids each have two pairs of shoes, our keys have been hanging in the same spot for years, coats are hung by the door.  I don’t play that “find your stuff we can go” game.   Hang up a key hook, hang up coats, get a shoe basket.  Have systems in place that become habits for your children.  Wouldn’t you rather spend 20 minutes hanging up a hook than yelling at your kids every other morning to find shoes?

Tip 5: Give yourself some extra time.  We call this marginal time, just a single 5-10 minutes for incidentals.  Diaper blow outs, bloody noses, or whatever.

I’d love to hear your tips and tricks for simplifying your mornings!

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    1. We try to practice all these but I liked the idea of having snacks ready for school. I am a big supporter of making lunches the night before so all I have to do is reach in the fridge and put the lunch and their drinks in their backpack.

    1. I would be interested in a couple of your breakfast recipes you prepare the night before. I would like to something like that!

      1. Hey girl! I’ll get a blog post about this in the next couple days for you!

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