Stock your Easter Baskets!

March 8, 2018

This morning, I wanted to talk about Easter baskets.  I shared my spring brunch inspiration below, and thought some Easter basket inspiration would be nice too.

I love Jesus, but don’t waste your money on holiday specific items.  Focus on general spring for Easter baskets. Who wants to read a book about the Easter bunny two months after Easter?  Not it.  Instead, opt for some outdoor toys like gardening supplies (like that super cute one from the Magnolia line at Target.) sidewalk chalk, bubbles, or seeds for planting.   Focus on your kids interests: LEGO bricks, Star Wars theme, or those LOL surprise dolls?

Channel your inner Ingalls family and stick some fruit in there!

Consider assembling some experiences into a basket.  For example, zoo tickets, children’s museum tickets, or a pizza night!

Craft baskets are always fun for littles.

Share in the comments what you’re doing for Easter this year!




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    1. I would definitely use this gift card for Easter gifts for my kids. I always go all out on Easter! Thank you for the opportunity!

    1. Love these ideas! So much of the Easter basket stuff is just wasteful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I might buy a new outfit for myself. I’ve been neglecting my wardrobe. But honestly, it would probably get spent on my kids!

    1. Going on a road trip soon over the spring break, would be getting all springs clothes and car trip snacks!

    1. You have such a beautiful blog. I am glad I saw a post that directed me to your page. You have such awesome posts to read.

    1. Oh I would love to purchases some garden seeds and planters for spring! We started helping raise monarchs the last couple years. Last year we raised and released 621 monarchs! Was so beautiful watching each one soar! I really want to plant a bunch of flowers for them and the bees this spring!

    1. Great tips! I usually buy stuff on clearance at xmas and valentines and save it for Easter baskets too

    1. I’d get new bathing suits for my kids Easter baskets 😊

    1. I’d buy decor for our new home and some Easter treats for my son!

    1. Omg girl, I would buy some cute clothes for our son, I would buy my husband a new outfit, and then I would buy myself a put together kit for a relaxing bath for myself 💖

    1. I’d like to get my kids books, flip flops, and some kind of treat, like candy straws or Nutella breadsticks!

    1. My kids love board games. I would buy some board games and some new outdoor chalks, kites, etc if I won!

    1. Nice ideas! I’m steering clear of Easter specific gifts and love the ideas for experience baskets.

    1. Great ideas! I hate buying little trinkets that my kids will play with for 10 seconds and I will spend 10 months stepping on and meaning to throw away!

    1. We love to give the kids outdoor activities—sidewalk chalk, bubbles and the like.

    1. I would use the gift card for legos, Disney cars items and Thomas the train toys. Total boy mom here! 😊

    1. Love it! My mom was always so good at easter and all the holidays…making them magical and beautiful. I need a lot more assistance, lol

    1. Definitely with you on “skip the holiday-specific and get outdoor toys” – that’s been my mantra for the last few years. I’d buy gardening stuff with most of the money and wait till after Easter to buy half-price candy with the rest 😉

    1. I would use the gift card to buy some outdoor toys for this summer and new bathing suits for the kiddos too

    1. I would buy some fun coloring supplies, Reese’s eggs, and outdoor toys like jump ropes and skip-it’s for my kiddos baskets ❤️

    1. I would buy some things for my son’s room. He’s turning 10 a Wednesday and we are turning his room into a big boy room!

    1. Girl I would use the giftcard for adult Easter baskets for myself and Liz which contain lots of snacks and wine because my kids live a daily life of me giving them Easter baskets filled with my sanity, sleep, energy and overall zest for life lol. The end. Ps I love you and your blog it’s keeping me happy this week. ❤️

    1. Great blog! I have read about making a trail mix snack friendship mix with preschool friends. The eggs have different ingredients to make a trail mix! Everybody throws their treats into a jar and mix it up!!!

    1. Great ideas! My sisters and I used to get new bedsheets in our Easter baskets!

    1. It’s my daugter’s first Eater where she’ll be old enough to enjoy it. Would love to pick her up some cute springtime outfits and activities!

    1. I would get my kids some books amd save the rest for school clothes.

    1. Love these creative ideas! My kiddo just announced he’s finished reading all the stories from his storybook Bible and wants one with more stories, so that’s what I’d use Target card for first. After that I’d do a hungry caterpillar theme one for my little one with fruit, caterpillar toy, and butterfly “catching” gear. I’d do a t ball theme for my oldest who starts later that month. 🙂

    1. If I won the $100 gift card it would definitely be a huge help filling Easter Baskets since I have 7 children. I definitely believe in keeping our kids young for as long as possible, so even our 17 & 15 yo kids get Baskets. Some of our favorite fillers are legos, playdoh, coloring books, tooth brushes, and gift cards for the older kids like Jamba Juice or Starbucks. Love your blog btw

    1. What would I buy with a $100 Target giftcard?! Hello – chocolate and wine! And I’d probably even let my kids pick up some random stuff from the dollar spot, so long as they’re on their best behavior! 🙂

    1. Thank you for this! This is the first Easter basket I’ll make for our little one! I would fill an Easter basket with lots & lots of books & Duplos… and I’d set the basket on top of a step2 car to zip around the block when out on family walks!

    1. Love the experience basket idea!! That being said, I would probably use the gift card to get some fun books and outdoor goodies for my kiddos. I’d also but my guy a new pair of his new favorite pants, some Wranglers 😆, from Target. Who would have thought?! If anything was left over maybe I’d even get mama a cute new shirt for Easter.

    1. I think I entered…. I’m never quite sure if I did it correctly.
      If I won I would probably buy the dinosaur bedding I’ve been eyeing for my son.
      I already bought him a plastic beach pail and shovel for his Easter “basket” and I filling it with pair of sunglasses, swim trunks, toy dinosaurs, and (of course) Peeps.

      1. Ohhhh which dinosaur bedding? We have bedding from target too! They just dinosaurs so well ❤️

    1. Would love to use this gift card on our upcoming trip to PCB

    1. I would love to do Disney theme baskets filled with stuff for our upcoming trip. I do sunglasses, new bathing suits and sandals as well as fun treats to snack on in the parks.

    1. I’m excited to buy my son his first Easter basket he will be able to enjoy since he was only 2 months old last Easter!

    1. I love to cook so I would get some items for my kitchen and grab some groceries while I am there. I love their housewares and food department.

    1. I love the experiences idea. I use this idea a lot with my grandkids—and, together, we make memories. With the Target cards, I would get summer fun things like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and balls so we could play together. And, of course, the teacher in me would buy a few books.

    1. Great ideas! We will be doing fun outdoor Easter Baskets full of new swimwear from Target, rashgaurds, water toys, bubbles and a picture of the beach letting them know we will have a summer trip there 🙂

    1. Ill buy tide laundry detergent and Pampers Diapers with a $100 Target GC

    1. I would buy my son and myself some new summer clothes. Thanks for the chance!

    1. I have been blown away be some of the Easter baskets I have seen over the last couple of years – like a second Christmas, so I really like these ideas. Sweet and not breaking the bank!

    1. New summer shoes for the kids, some Easter goodies, and certainly I could find some great deal for something on clearance or in the dollar spot. Target therapy without busting the budget – yay!

    1. I will be making my little cousin an Easter basket. He is very grateful for anything so probably a movie and matchbox cars will be in his basket!

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