How To Spring Clean Efficiently & Joyfully With The Libman Company’s Tornado Mop!

April 4, 2018


I hadn’t planned to start spring cleaning until we knew where we would be moving to, but with my husband recently needing surgery and being down for the count.. it seemed like an ideal time to get things started in the deep cleaning department.
In our household, we try to maintain things on the day to day so bigger, deep cleaning sessions aren’t so intense for us.  What does this look like?  Well, we always do the dishes and wipe off the counter and table after every single meal.  This helps us to avoid overwhelm at crazier times of the day.  You know, before precious bedtime.   I also have a seventy pound Siberian husky, and because he sheds so frequently, I have to vacuum and sweep every day to keep the fur at bay.  When I really want to dive in and get my floors cleaned, I have to use my Libman Company Tornado Mop!    It has a larger head that covers 50% more surface area, which has been crucial for us with the dog and the boys!  I also appreciate that this mop works really well on any surface, because we’ve got hard wood flooring downstairs and tile in our upstairs bathroom.  I don’t have to switch mops midway through a cleaning session!  I can just power through with my loyal super performing mop!
I thought it might be helpful to dive into what our spring cleaning routine looks like, and I’d love for you to comment and let me know any hacks you have to share!

Get the family involved: To most of us, this seems like an obvious one, but I’m always surprised how many mothers take on this work load by themselves!  Write it on your schedule like any other extracurricular activity!  Make a date for a major purge and deep clean session as a family.

Crank the jams:  Throw the windows open, let in the natural light and holla at cha girl Alexa for some fun cleaning music.
Get rid of things with abandon: You know what helps lighten your cleaning load?  Getting rid of things you don’t need or use, but regularly find yourself cleaning up.  Donate or sell those items!
Invest in good cleaning products: I’ve already told you about one of my favorites this Tornado Mop by Libman, but consider others you love too in your favorite scents. Cleaning is a mundane part of life, but it doesn’t have to be boring or something your dread.  Make it a joyful way to serve your family!

Reward yourself:  Go out for ice cream after a day of family chores, or order pizza and enjoy a family movie night!

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