Speaking Engagement Recap- Kid’s Parties on a budget!

February 27, 2017

I recently had the opportunity to speak to the mom’s group I’ve been attending for nearly five years. This was actually my third time speaking to them, but it was extra special to me as it will be my last. Our house is finalized and the move is only eight weeks away now. It’s impressive how quickly we managed to get this new house considering it seems like only yesterday we had a credit card for someone with no credit! We built up our score quickly and got lucky with finding the right house straight away. We’re excited about the move but it is so bittersweet. This group of mothers has grown from about forty women when I started attending to almost two hundred mamas. I have learned so much in my journey as a new mother from these women, I’ve learned about true friendship. maternal sacrifice, and so much laughter. I’m going to miss this group and their boundless wisdom and encouragement so much. I was flattered they offered me the chance to speak about something I love and adore, parties! I was disappointed as this was the week, I was so nasty sick. I got out of the bed that Friday for the first time in about eight days. I got so weak and wobbly during my talk, I had to sit down. Overall, it went well and it was such a joy to feel like I was contributing something to a group of women who have been so helpful to me. Also, Thank you so much to Gift of Today Photography for the amazing photos!!!

I opened with a disclaimer- your children love you. They are proud of you regardless of what kind of party you throw for them. My hope for this talk was that they would walk away with practical advice for any parties and events they might host in their lives. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be special.


I launched into choosing a venue, time, and invites. I try to choose less popular dates and times for parties to save money. I’m a huge fan of ordering through Shutterfly or Tiny Prints. I also suggested e-vites or Facebook invites!
Corporate to Cupcakes graciously donated cupcakes for the invite. She has the most delicious sweet treats and I was thrilled to showcase these budget friendly (perfect size for kids) mini cupcakes.

One thing I really wanted to drive home to the mamas in attendance was that if you have to spend money on something anyway, please spend it to support another mother. My favorite party mom is Twigs N Twirls. She contributed all the balloons and decor you see, and I love that when I make a purchase from her shop I’m supporting her four children.

Some other tips I shared:

Venue: parks, splash pads during public hours, community centers.

Time: Choose less favorable times and try to choose times of day that you don’t have to serve a full meal!

Narrow down your guest list. Let go of the guilty feeling of not inviting XYZ and only invited people your kid knows and enjoys!

Theme/Decor: Use things you already have in your house. LEGO bricks, stuffed animals, construction vehicles. Pictures of your child are wonderful personalized touches, free printables from across the web, visit the Dollar Tree, buy items that are in generic in color so you can reuse!

Party favors: used books, broken crayons turned into shape crayons, hand scrubs

Gifts: Books, Clothes, Subscriptions


These were just a few of the many tips I shared, if you’d like to discuss a speaking opportunity in Beaverton or Portland, Oregon for 2017/2018. I would love to chat with you. Email blogger@thismessyseason.com

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    1. You always have the best tips to save money and actually DO things with your kids!! Andddd I would eat all those cupcakes. K thanks

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