Sawyer’s Fourth Space Birthday Party [and how we kept it small]

July 13, 2018

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I will admit to being someone who traditionally goes all out for my kids special milestones.  However, this year we made a commitment to travel more, which means spending less in the everyday.  It always requires us to keep our obligations much lighter so that if an opportunity to go away for the weekend should arise, we can just leave.  Also, Liam doesn’t remember how we celebrated his second birthday.  (even though I spent two weeks, making custom crayons.[WITH A NEWBORN]

I have decided that until they are older and can really appreciate it, we are scaling back.  I’d rather spend money on experiences, like some of the amazing trips we’ve gone on this year.  A couple things had to happen for me to make this shift.  Read: I had to ditch the guilt.  I wanted this to be very affordable, so I kept the guest list quite small.  I let Sawyer pick a few of his dearest friends to invite, I gave him a small number.  I accepted that I don’t always need to prepare a four course meal with adorable food tags.  I opted for a quick Target run to grab plates and napkins, Sawyer picked the space thing.  I utilized Amazon prime for balloons and table cloths. 

As for party favors, I grabbed some great space themed items from the Target dollar spot.  I ordered mini Moon Pies from Amazon.  Instead of giving each individual child a party favor, I opted to do family favors.  This gave each family an array of themed items as opposed to each kid getting the same thing.  Easily, my favorite component of the party was the cake made by area baker Tina Brown Creative.  She continues to blow me away with her creativity.  I gave her a napkin as inspiration and she so far surpassed my expectations. 

The park has a splash pad, a field, and a traditional playground area.  We were able to get the shelter, on a weeknight, for a very reasonable price.  We were thrilled to have shade.

We kep things light and fun, the kids running through the fountains and eating chicken nuggets I picked up from Chick Fila on the ride over.  I made some bulgogi for the adults, we drank La Croix, and actually enjoyed each other’s company.  As opposed to rushing around, I was able to hug my friends and thank them for coming.

Friends, give yourself grace. You’re amazing.  You don’t need to wear guilt.  Be easy, be simple, be basic, be relaxed, be present.   

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    1. So cute!! We’ve scaled back, too. It took me a while to figure out what each child values in a birthday celebration. Now I try to focus on that! Win win all around!!

    1. Simple parties are the best, I scaled way back this year!!!

    1. Saw you post about this on FB and insta and OMG it’s GORGEOUS! Also, it took me a while to ditch the guilt too. But now I’m like screw it. My kids will never remember how their birthday party wasn’t pinterest perfect!

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