Since we’ve been home..

August 26, 2016

We’ve been home less than three weeks, and it has been crazy town up in here.  I should not be surprised, because around here it is always crazy town.  If I open up a ranch some day, I’ll name it crazy town.  We will get a big sign to put at the end of the driveway encouraging friends to drop by for a visit to crazy town.  After driving forty hours in three days, I can’t tell you how excited I was to spend some peaceful time at home, to visit with friends, and get everyone in my house back on a normal schedule.

We roll up to our small, dead end, street turned into a full construction site.  A muddy, noisy, construction site.  We were placed on a boiling order and told we couldn’t drink the water, and if we used it for hygiene purposes it was at “our own risk.” It is kind of a long story, but basically a new water main had to be created twelve inches underground.  So, we were on a temporary water line for three weeks. The street is still destroyed from all of the construction work, but I think after three very not serene weeks, the water line is officially installed!  They will eventually pave our street again, but for now it is nice to hear family members in the next room.  One interesting thing about this project was that, because we live on a dead end street getting in and out while they were working was incredibly challenging.

Once we were unpacked, and our house was looking mostly back to normal.  (Minus- a couple projects I dreamt on the isolating drive back home) I committed myself to having a better week.  My husband, on the other hand, was not feeling well.  In fact, he felt sick.  Long story short, he had to have an impromptu *very minor* but emergent surgery.  It all felt so untimely!  He was gearing up to start school, and we had just returned from our trip.  He was pretty down for the count a few days, but has since recovered.

Since his recovery, I was again feeling like we could restart our fall and begin to look forward to many things.  Liam’s fourth birthday, his first day of preschool, dad going back to school, and mom’s book launch party! Yet, after three very challenging days as a mother, that I’d attributed to the transition from one time zone to another.. I grew increasingly concerned something deeper was happening.  On Monday, Liam started having heavy nosebleeds again.  (they’d stopped for a small period of time.) They were back three times a day, with a side effect of grouchy and blood stains everywhere.  I ended up calling the ENT, and just explaining the nose bleeds were bad and annoying.  Non-stop, despite having tried every diet change up and moisturizing technique around.  At his appointment, in an interesting turn of events, I was informed his tonsils are huge and they need to come out immediately.  She promised me he would sleep better, feel better, and whine less.  (I will be holding her to that!)  She wanted them out on Friday morning, which meant cancelling his birthday party that was supposed to occur on Saturday morning. He will also be missing the first two weeks of preschool this year.

It could be really easy to pout, I had been feeling annoyed about how chaotic everything has been since we got back.  I hadn’t been feeling grateful for the hidden blessings. I’d been selfish, I wanted all the control, and I ignored many opportunities to be grateful during the last three weeks.  I missed a chance to appreciate our health insurance, that has covered the bulk of our medical expenses.  So many people in this country, in this world, ignore their ailments because they can’t afford care.  I was too busy feeling sorry for myself to be thankful for clean drinking water!  I may have to pick it up at the grocery store right now, but I don’t have walk in my bare feet to collect it.  When I texted my village on Wednesday night to invite them over for an impromptu birthday party last night, they came.  They showed up, they brought their kids, they brought gifts.  They created a meal train for us, they handle watching Sawyer for us, they are present.

They are present and they are appreciated.  I’m a control freak, I have anxiety and I manage it by being in control as often as I can.  I struggle.  I mean, really struggle, when things go off course.  As I sit here, in this surgery center we’ve frequented for seven minor surgeries for Liam.. I see how my faith has been strengthened by community.  I see how God has soothed my fears by sending me people to keep my anxiety at bay.  God sent me people that show up. 



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    1. You’re gorgeous girlfriend 💗 Things don’t always go
      As planned, and I’m so sorry this is all happening to
      You as you return home, but be strong and thankful for that village. Thank you for the constant reminder to count our
      blessings ❤️❤️❤️

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