Simplify the holidays and enjoy them more this year! My tips!

November 2, 2016

dsc_0155I cannot believe it is November! Now, that Halloween is over with, it is time to start getting excited for the upcoming holidays. These are extra special for my family this year, because it is our last holidays in our Midwest village. Also exciting, we are hosting Christmas festivities in our house this year!! I’m sharing my hacks for making the holidays less stressful, and more enjoyable.

Order your Christmas cards early to save time and money! Tiny Prints has flawless cards with amazing pre-holiday sales. I cannot wait for my friends to receive our card. It is printed on strong cardboard and we went with a year theme on our card. We talked about our year, shared photos, and bragged a little bit. I love to get cards from friends, and cover my mantle and wall with the images and stories of people we love the most. They have so many options, one will no doubt fit for your family and the message you want to send to friends and family. We aren’t huge in the traditions department, but I do love to send and receive holiday cards. We rely on Tiny Prints every year, because they have the best value and the highest quality personalized cards.

Take advantage of Tiny Print’s addressing service! You can now upload your address book to Tiny Prints, and select their option for addressing. This is a great way to save time on your holiday responsibilities.

Shop early. Since it is November, if you haven’t started you don’t have AS MUCH TIME as I’d like you to have, but it isn’t too late. I like to shop year ’round for the holidays. I grab things like party décor, home décor, and tree ornaments during post holidays sales after Christmas. During the yard sale months, I try to keep an eye out for things that would make awesome presents when the holidays roll around.

Set boundaries. Set boundaries! Let family members know that you’re cutting back and won’t be purchasing gifts for everyone, or if you want people to not gift so much to your children.

Plan ahead for travel. Travelling over the holiday period? Make sure you’ve researched routes, booked your flights, and most importantly booked your hotels if you need them! Things can get super busy around the holiday season, so give yourself plenty of time to book ahead, otherwise you’ll find yourself paying a premium. Also, if you like to travel with your furry friends, then make sure that the hotel accepts them, don’t get caught out! You can always check on Pets Welcome just to be sure.

Take advantage of the library for holiday music, holiday movies, and the occasional holiday craft. I’m always mystified by people who buy all of these things brand new! I love to get our holiday materials at the library. Though, I did get a copy of Polar Express at a yard sale a while ago. Pandora and Hoopla also provide free holiday music.

Outsource. I’m a big fan of outsourcing. We weren’t made to do it all. When someone offers to bring a dish, wrap a gift, or clean the dishes. Let them! You deserve to enjoy the holidays just the same. I proudly outsourced to Tiny Prints this year to create my fabulous cards, make my darling return address labels, and address my envelopes for me. I’ll be picking up my groceries that I ordered online and skipping the holiday store buzz. I will be ordering my cleaning supplies from the internet. All small things I can do this holiday season to make it possible for me to savor more time with my family. My favorite part of the holiday season, anyway!

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing all of my holiday favorites with you guys, and I can’t wait to hear yours.

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