How to shop the day after Christmas to save all year + a free printable!

December 24, 2017

My favorite shopping day of every year is the day after Christmas.  I know a lot of people shy away from the potential crowds, but I haven’t encountered heavy crowds.  The money I’ve saved has completely outweighed the obstacles of shopping at busy stores. Every year I post photos of my incredible post holiday hauls  AFTER THE FACT.  So, this year I sat the intention to help you guys prepare for the post holiday shopping so you can kick off 2018 armed to live out your best budget life.

People hear after Christmas clearance and just see CHRISTMAS.  Most people are turned off at the prospect of saving all these items for the following holiday season.   However, with some creativity, you can reap the benefits of your clearance all year long.   I’ve put together a printable list (or screen shot!)

When you look for items that can be used in a multiple of ways.  I love to stock up on aluminum foil, zip lock bags, parchment paper, etc.  Simply because these items have winter/Christmas decorations on them, you reap mega savings.  I’m still using my foil from last year!

Be sure to look for ways you can use seasonal items year round.  For example, I might use black plates year around.  I look for solid colors during these sales.  Keep in mind, red is a traditional Christmas color but also works well in February for Valentine’s Day.  Challenge yourself to look for items to stick into your birthday presents stash.  This is also a great time to look for neutral colored wrapping paper to wrap gifts all year long.

Another thing I love to find after Christmas are the disposable pans.  When I do batch freezer cooking, these come in handy.  These are also so wonderful to have if you want to deliver meals to friends after babies or surgeries.  They are in general pricey, but if you can get you them for 50% off- that’s a great price.

Bath products are great to purchase this time of year, I love to get mine from two places: 1) 50% off the bath and body sets or 2) using a coupon from Bath & Body works in conjunction with their reduced pricing post holidays.



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