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December 9, 2020

I told you guys, I have felt like a hot mess lately. I feel like with Covid and being home so often, sometimes I feel like I have all the time in the world to complete my chores and work. Until I don’t. Then, I’m a scrambling mess. I just feel like the intention I usually have is gone! To be honest, it’s really affected my mood. I know our worth isn’t wrapped up in what we achieve, but I do feel better when I’m intentional with my time.

In the spirit of setting realistic expectations I put together a simple daily checklist to help us reset and get back on track. I envision people doing this while they drink their coffee in the morning to set themselves up for a successful, but flexible, day. I’m also sharing some of my tips below.

1) meal plan- take advantage of Pinterest!

2) order your groceries to be delivered

3) set aside time to place things on hold at the library or reserve them digitally on your phone

3) keep a snack in your purse

4) drink water

5) have a list of shows/ movies you look forward to watching

6) listen to a good audiobook or podcast to help make the mundane chores a little more and alive

7) seek out those unorthodox times to pray or be with Jesus in some capacity, if you’re religious. My friend told me recently she has been praying the rosary during pick up line and I thought it was so brilliant.

8) seek out boring parts of the day or chores you don’t love and find a way to make it more fun

9) double things- so dinner of breakfast

10) pack tomorrow’s school lunch while the kids eat after school snack

Hopefully these little tips help you! Print this out and fill it out in the morning as you think ahead towards your day!

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