Virtual Guitar Lessons with Fender Play: The Ultimate Holiday Gift This Year!

November 16, 2017

I am all for practical gifts. I cannot handle .. junk.. all around my home. Anyone else? This year I’m getting Liam a child size guitar and a six month gift card for virtual lessons through Fender.
He played violin for about a year, and loved it. He learned a ton but ultimately decided it wasn’t the instrument for him. He recently mentioned he would love to play the guitar, especially as his friends are having Austin Guitar Lessons. I thought it would be a great idea to get him a guitar so that he could learn and create some cool tunes with his friends but I wasn’t too sure. I checked out sites like Revitalizing Downtowns and found some awesome tips on what to look for when buying a guitar, and then was just waiting for an excuse to go and buy one. I learned Fender would be offering these online lessons and then, LIGHTBULB moment.
I am imagining he and I doing lessons together while Sawyer naps. I always thought it would be fun to learn how to play guitar! Fender Play uses a micro-learning approach in which lessons are taught via bite-size 10-12 minute videos perfect for keeping players focused and motivated. Fender Play uses a structured approach that free YouTube videos may not and shows progress tracking. This is going to be something for to set as a “New Year’s Resolution.” I want to model for my kids what it means to always be learning something new. If you’re curious how it works, I’ve included a video below the text!
I love the idea of giving them something that makes them better and doesn’t clutter our home. And of course, a few custom guitar picks might be the perfect tiny present to go with the new guitar and the exciting lessons (they don’t clutter up the house either!) Learning a beautiful instrument is both productive and beneficial to the growing brain of our children. It’s also something we can experience together and something that has been proven to help them in school by increasing concentration. That just feels like the ultimate family win to me. I wanted to lastly mention you can try their service out for free for 30 days! They also have special holiday prepaid 6 or 12 months worth of lessons available in the form of a gift card.
What do you guys think? Would you like to receive guitar lessons for the holidays this year?

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    1. This is such a cool idea! I love gifts that are outside of the box and this is great!

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