Seattle Girls Weekend!

October 16, 2017

If you have been following along with my Instagram stories, then you probably know I’ve been living it up in Seattle with my girlfriends.  I try to get away with friends once a year, because it is so good for the soul.  Being in Seattle has been such a creative boost for me.  I’m not a huge family person, I don’t come from a big close knit family, but my friends have always filled that void for me.  They are my counselors, my teachers, mentors, my personal comedians and shoppers.  They empower me, believe in me, motivate me,  and calm me.  They accept me as is, but also know when to push to me to be a better version of myself.  Having friends in your life like this is truly one of the best things this world has to offer.

Being able to reach deep into ourselves and speak vulnerably, laugh until our sides hurt, parent alongside each other from other corners of the country.  It is a joy, and it is a treat.  My husband was in the military for most of our relationship, so we have friends across the world.  When we left the military, he went to a full time graduate school for program and the ladies also married to students and I became quite close.  Our trip to Seattle was to reunite and reconnect after graduating in May or the previous May.  We were in a different sort of trenches together, so the friendships formed during that time are a little extra sweet.  Some of us have only been out of academia a few months while others have been in the real world almost two years.

I think in trip planning, we were very intentional to ride a healthy balance between over planning and avoiding boredom.  We wanted to have things planned, but also not exhaust ourselves.  We wanted to leave room for getting lost in conversation, for deep connection, for unplanned naps, but also have food reservations as often as possible.  So, here’s one of a couple trip recaps.  I’ll be breaking these down by doing the ultimate girls weekend in Seattle and by doing Seattle on a budget.  (which is very easy to do!)

We stayed the Waterfront Mariott.  My friend’s husband is part of their rewards program and was able to secure a really great conjoined room for us, with an amazing view.  It slept all seven of us comfortably, and we paid less than 60.00 per friend for the whole weekend.  (Traveler Tip:  I save my Swagbucks points and Ibotta rebates to redeem for PayPal money, which I sent to my friend.)  Please note here that parking can get spendy, so be sure to check out parking options.)   The views were insane, the staff was incredible.  We loved this hotel, and I will definitely stay there again.  I also plan to enroll in Marriott rewards, because they are so good to their guests from my observations and it seems there are some great advantages to being a part of this program.

Pike’s Place Official Walking Tour- This is technically free, but it is “pay what you feel.” Which I love, I love that these tour guides give their all.  Joe was our tour guide, and he was amazing.  So funny and he taught us so much along.  We had samples throughout, and it was just need to learn more about the city as we went along.  I loved hearing about Pike’s Place from a local’s perspective, he shared places to eat and drink.  It was an incredible experience.

The food- we ate entirely too much.  Like, I am so full.  (which is exactly how I want to always to come home from vacation.)

We had brunch at Salty’s on Alki Beach.  It was a brunch buffet, direct from heaven.  There was gravy, crab, cheesecake, basically everything you could ever want in your life.  Aside from the fabulous meal we had, the views were spectacular.  Since we were on the West Side of the city, we could see the whole city.  That view, coupled with my mimosa and full stomach, I was so happy.

We also ate at Lola’s, this is a Mediterranean restaurant.  It had a tapas thing going on, and my friend and I shared Tom’s Big Dinner.  We got four courses, and each one was more scrumptious than the last.  We had pita with several kinds of dips, lamb, wine, greek salad, potatoes, and octopus and chicken skewers.  When we walked out, I asked my friend to roll me to the next stop.

For me, being able to take photos, ponder deep thoughts, eat until I hurt.  That is my idea of a perfect trip.

We rode the Great Wheel, which I’m glad I did the one time.  I can’t say I’ll spend the 16.00 again though.  It was fun, but I got a little anxious by the third go around.  Maybe I’m afraid of heights and didn’t know it?

Walking around Pike’s Place was everything.  It was beautiful, community filled, colorful, vibrant, alive.  It was everything.  I could live inside of Pike’s Place Market and be content.  I even got misty eyed watching the men throw the fish. There was just passion everywhere the in area.  I love when people aren’t above hard work.  It was inspiring to watch the vendors arrange flowers and assemble these incredible bouquets.  I had to had one, despite my three hour train ride.  The flowers were too beautiful and too cheap to leave behind.  I could see them on my farmhouse table.  We had coffee at Seattle Coffee Works, we put gum on the gum wall, and we walked along the water.  My memory card is filled with videos and photos, my heart is filled with love, and my mind amazing memories made with even more amazing people.

As the years go on, and our families expand, and our schedules get progressively busier.  We have each other, and there is no more amazing gift.  Please, Please, Please.. make plans with your friends.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be glamorous, it just has to be soul filling.

I’ll be sharing more on traveling to Seattle with your girlfriends, and traveling on a budget so follow along!!

Have you ever been to Seattle?  What was your favorite part?  Comment below and let me know!


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