Sawyer’s Little Bedroom!

September 14, 2016

Soy Bean has a strangely small bedroom. Or Liam has a huge bedroom… I’m still trying to figure that part out. I love this little bedroom though. It is the bedroom I’ve snuggled both of my sweet boys in, I guess it is my family’s nursery. It is pretty bare these days since Sawyer has been in a toddler bed since he was about fourteen months old. His bed was a hand me down pottery barn bed from his Godmother. I love it! I love white furniture, it just looks so shiny and cute. Plus, free. I wanted to share a photo of how we use our dock a tot.hfhfhfhfh-5 hfhfhfhfh-6For Sawyer’s transportation room, our Lorena Canals cars rug has been the perfect fit. It’s big so it occupies a portion of Sawyer’s floor and adds some fun color to the room. I love that it is washable, and he loves that it is blue and has cars on it! When he’s older I’m going to buy him a rug from bazaar velvet since he seems to love having a rug in his room! hfhfhfhfh-7My favorite detail are these prints in Sawyer’s room. They are just gorgeous. Sawyer loves having the different vehicles in his bedroom, and their stunning.hfhfhfhfh-11Another stunning detail from Sawyer’s Godmother is this custom wooden block. Each side tells details from Sawyer’s birth story. It’s so perfect! hfhfhfhfh-16Sawyer’s bedding- we got this for free from a friend. Free is for me. hfhfhfhfh-19Not sure if you can see there’s a drawer under Sawyer’s adorable bed. hfhfhfhfh-20The rest of our print gallery. There were printed on such high quality paper, just shiny and so handsome! hfhfhfhfh-52


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