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July 12, 2016

I’m pretty blown away that we celebrated Sawyer’s second birthday over the weekend.  How did that happen?  It feels like just a couple of weeks ago, we were in the hospital welcoming him into the world. I’ll be sharing the mushy gushy stuff soon, but this morning I’m talking party recap!

dinosaur DSC_0833 DSC_0854 DSC_0855 DSC_0859 DSC_0862 DSC_0869 DSC_0872 DSC_0885 DSC_0886 DSC_0887 DSC_0888 DSC_0889 DSC_0891 DSC_0896 DSC_0906 DSC_0919 DSC_0924 DSC_0946 DSC_0992 DSC_0995 DSC_0997 DSC_1009 DSC_1029 DSC_0839 DSC_0865 DSC_0866DSC_1030So, we had a dinosaur pool party theme!  We obviously don’t know many people here, but were thrilled that the grandparents could visit and two other families could come.  It was a very intimate 14 person party (two guests were tiny babies.) I wanted to keep it bright and bubbly. I had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing shops to create the perfect colorful July birthday pool party.

Venue: Our apartment complex’s indoor pool.  It was perfect, because in the Pacific Northwest, turns out July can be cold. Plus, it was free so winning!  If you have a kiddo with a summer birthday, I feel strongly you should never have to pay for a party venue.  Check out splash pads, parks, or friend’s pools at their complexes if you live in a house.


The amazing “2” balloon came from Twigs and Twirls she also provided the teal balloons, white balloons, and adorable confetti balloons.  Be sure to check out my Instagram video of us popping the balloon over Sawyer’s head.  Real crowd pleaser!  The “2” balloon was 40 inches tall, and so popular with my birthday boy.  The ladies at the party store that blew up the balloons even commented on the high quality of the balloons.

I also snagged the adorable tassel garland from Twigs & Twirls!  She let me do the “create your own” option. I really loved that option and recommend it for your parties, too.  I wasn’t limited by set colors, because I could choose my own from her collection.  You assemble it at home, but this took me maybe 15 minutes and her comprehensive instructions made this task very easy!

Lastly, the gold/teal plates and cups along with those PRECIOUS golden straws were from Twigs & Twirls.  She really spoiled us, and I’m so thankful.  Everything looked gorgeous, and I owe so much of that to Melissa.  I highly recommend her shop, especially because I know supporting her business means supporting her as a work at home mama to four kiddos!  Everything we got from Twigs and Twirls was adorable and durable.  Her products come at a fabulous price, considering their high quality.  She knows parties, and you can email her to advice on color selection or if you need help assembling products. You can also sign up for her email subscription, and she will send you a printable party planning guide to use!

Centerpieces- The centerpieces came from my Portland lady crush!  I’ve been following her blog, Fizzy Party.  She just radiates fun, so I was so excited when she offered to let me borrow those amazing dinosaurs she hand glittered!  She’s now selling them in her Etsy shop along with a series of other a-dorable party items.  I used our glittered dinos for simple centerpieces, but they would also look incredible for enhancing your party’s tablescape!  Also, if you’re in the Portland area on July 27th she’s hosting a craft night that is going to be incredible! Get over there, get your tickets, and I’ll see you there!!  I know she’s gonna a tropical theme and I’m dying to see the full details!  I’m not really crafty, but I know if she’s responsible it’ll be a ball!

The Cake– Seriously, how cute was that cake?  Even with the broken off head!  I felt so lucky to work with Melanie, the owner of Delectable baked goods on this cake. I’m thankful that Fizzy Party recommended her to me.  I emailed my vision for the cake months ago, and she put a preview together, and brought it to life!  She just went above and beyond as a women in a service business.  She let me sample the cake choices, and I’ve been yearning for a reason to get a spice cake with her cream cheese frosting.  It was DIVINE when I got to sample it.  The particular cake served at Sawyer’s party was a white cake with a vanilla icing.  I wanted to keep it super simple for our little pool party.  She absolutely nailed it, and her commitment to quality products just blew my mind!  She remained in constant contact with me from the time I ordered the cake to the day I picked it up.  When the dinosaur’s head fell off, she offered to drop everything and bring me a fresh dinosaur.  The guests of the party didn’t care at all, in fact, most thought it seemed hilarious to have a two year’s old party.

The party favors- First up, our dinosaur labels.  You may recall I told you about these earlier these are Mabel’s Labels Dinosaur party favors!  They are always a crowd pleaser with their personalized touch.

The dinosaur tails- These were so well received by the kids in attendance.  I got these from: Roxy’s Knit Knacks on Etsy.  I cannot explain the quality of her work, it was remarkable.  These tails will last for years.  The kids loved them, and I think they would also be amazing gifts for holidays and birthdays.  An essential item for your little kid’s dress up box!  I love that she also makes pink ones, I love girly science related things!

The adorable shirt- This shirt was so popular!  Sawyer wore it for days surrounding his birthday, and honestly he’s going to wear it days after his birthday too.  It came from a cute little shop Coin Laundry Print Shop.  Everything they make is so damn cute, I was besides my self when they agreed to collaborate.  Usually, the boys’ aunt Beth makes their party stuff, but she has been so busy this summer.  I didn’t want to bother her with more work!!  So, I reached out Coin Laundry and they just nailed it.  This shirt is as soft as it is adorable.  We got the 2T and have washed it, it runs bigger which I love because longer wear.  I just wanted to issue that FYI.


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    1. This party turned out absolutely adorable!! I love all the details! And those tails are awesome!! Well done mama!

      1. Melissa! I owe so much to you!!! Thanks for everything

      1. I do, Daniella!! I actually tried to email you with the Etsy shop link for the dinosaur tails! It’s also in the post at the potty. If you need help connecting. Send me an email! thanks for reading!

          1. Okay!! The post is working again! Woo hoo! Now you can get the link to the shop! These tails are made to last!

      1. Okay after checking this I’m seeing that a portion of my post isn’t uploading. I’ll tag you when I’ve got it figured out!! It includes all the details on the tails and shirt

      1. No, I’m so glad you guys commented today. I hadn’t gotten any notifications about comments and a whole chunk of my blog post was gone?!? Say whaaaa? Thank you!!! Fixing it now!!

    1. Hi,
      I checked all of my folders and I never got that email from you.
      I just want to know who made those dinosaur tails (the one wrapped around the child’s waist).
      Can you share that info with us? (I think another follower was also interested)

      Thanks, and sorry to keep bothering you. 😕


      1. Hey girl! I just wanted to make sure you got my reply this morning!!

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