Save Money On Your Groceries This Week! (and always!)

April 7, 2018

Here’s the deal.  I’ve been getting a ton of feedback from you guys on how you’d love to see deals up on the blog again.  I’ll be honest I had stepped away from that, because I could never tell if people were actually utilizing that.  So, do me a favor!  If you are loving weekly deals/deals all the time.  Engage on this post.  Give it some comments, share it with you friends, like it, retweet it.  Whatever!  Let me know you’re out there and appreciating it!

So, we are a family of people who really believe that just because you can afford something doesn’t mean you need it or should pay full price for it.  We also believe that just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you need it or should spend your money on it.  We also believe that there is something to said for choosing quality as opposed to buying something poorly made and need to replace it later with something of better quality.

So, over the next weeks and months, I am going to share all the knowledge I’ve acquired (and hopefully learn some new stuff from you guys!) about saving money so you can love your families well and achieve any monetary goals you may have!

Being on a budget or using coupons does not mean you’re poor, it means you’re resourceful or smart.  You have freedom!  So make sure you’re following me on social (specifically Instagram, where I’ll be sharing on stories some good material and things to know!)

So here’s what I got for about 67.00!

2 bags of Rold Gold pretzels. (.99 each with digital coupon)
3 bags of Lay’s Kettle Chips (.99 each with digital coupons)
1 Tostito’s Cheese Dip (because I found a coupon on the pretzel’s bag making this item free!)
5 bags of 8 oz shredded cheese (block cheese is also included, but my store was out! —.99 each)
5 packs of beer bratwursts (4 ct.) (1.99 each!)
1 pack of 4 ct. Mild Italian sausage (1.99 each!)
5 PREGO marinara sauces (.99 each!)
5 packages of Jennie-O ground turkey (1.99 each)
8 chobani greek yogurts (.88 each when you buy 8)
2 packages of gnocchi (on sale for 1.99 a package)
1 package of tortilla chips (2 for 4.00 so 2.00 each.)
4 bell peppers (.77 each!)
1 jar of kimchi (about 5.00)
2 packages of galbi ribs (on manager’s special for 3.50 a package)
1 package of sliced chuck roast (which I’ll use to make Bulgogi)

Meal suggestions for these particular items:
Stuffed peppers
Weekly Taco Tuesday
Grilled Brats with Baked Beans
Korean Nights (bimbibap, galbi, and bulgogi nights – to be exact!)
Gnochhi Night
Pasta Night
Mini Pretzels are a great park snack, hellooooo Spring!
Italian sausage and peppers

Without further adieu, here is a video of me breaking down this week’s deals at QFC!

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