‘Sandlot’ Family Movie Night!

January 30, 2020

I’m so excited to bring you guys a new weekly series on the blog.! Each week,

I’ll be sharing a movie suggestion with a simple dinner/dessert idea!

So, I’ll open by introducing my vision for this weekly series. So, the movie will be a family pick. You might be able to find it at the library, Redbox, Disney Plus, or Netflix. This will be in addition to any films coming in theaters that I will continue to write reviews for. As much as I love a pizza and movie night, it was becoming expensive for our family. Plus, after doing it once or twice, I loved making the dinner a theme tie in. (when I can!) So, what you’ll find for these dinners are going to be things that require very little prep work. (but also taste really good!) Dessert will be right along those same lines, delicious and tasty (and optional!)

Our first movie selection is a pick from the boys (7 & 5) who fell in the love with the classic children’s movie, “The Sandlot” over the summer. It’s funny, but this movie has affected their relationship with each other too. They’d spend hours in the Florida summer heat, tossing the baseball back and forth. They’d ride their bicycles while holding their gloves, hoping some other kids from the neighborhood would ask if they were going to play baseball. So, it was a natural first selection for our new series!

Grab a copy of The Sandlot (I saw you can rent it from Amazon for 3.99, but I’d check the library first!)

Dinner Menu:
Hot Dogs– If you have extra and it doesn’t feel wasteful, I think it would be cute to wrap them in aluminium foil, and set up a little condiment station. I like to make a batch of hot dogs in the crock pot! Add water and cook on high for about 2 hours! If you don’t end up doing it with a condiment bar, I’d style everything neatly on a big board and let the family dig in. I’d serve with cut up fruit and/or chips!

For a fun touch, grab a few glass bottles of Sprite or Coca-Cola, like the kids drink in the movie!

Movie snack: Cracker Jacks

Dessert: Simple s’mores. I like to put together the s’mores on a cookie sheet with parchment paper and then bake for a couple minutes. I suggest prepping them while you’re making dinner, and putting them in the oven the last 15 minutes of the movie!

If you can find some at your local dollar store, grab some baseball plates to serve on that you can toss out quickly save yourself dishes! If you end up doing this as a family movie night theme, do me a favor and tag me @thismessyseason on social media!

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