Our road trip across the country + Our first week in Oregon!

May 21, 2017

The last three weeks have been such a whirlwind for our little family.  My husband graduated from graduate school on Friday the third, the moving truck came on the following Monday and we left for Portland, Oregon on Tuesday morning.  Our journey took us Kansas City, Cheyenne, Boise, and then Portland last Sunday.  We have officially lived here for a week, and it has really been wonderful so far. Our movers arrived on Monday, which was nice.  I was not looking forward to sleeping on an air mattress until it arrived, but was thrilled to see it arrive the next day.  We honestly really hustled our booties to get as unpacked as efficiently and quickly as possible.  I just wanted to feel home before my husband starts his new job Monday, and the boys and I kick off summer vacation.  The boys had been saving money for bunk beds, so it was a pleasure to go with them to get those.  They’ve got a dinosaur bedroom, filled with Lego bricks and books.  Our guest bedroom is still er, a mess, and our living room is a work in progress to really create a space that is warm and inviting.  My new office space is really nice and bright, a serious upgrade from the dungeon dark basement it was previously in.  I love being able to see into our small backyard from the kitchen and living room.  I also got a gym membership this week at a gym that is so far, fabulous.  I can’t wait to spend all summer getting buff and then hitting the outdoor pool there with the kidddos.  There also seems to be a splash pad at nearly every corner, and in general just a ton for children to do.  I’m definitely eager to make a few friends, but as a whole I feel like our first week has been encouraging.  This morning we are going to do

Some of my favorite parts of Oregon so far:

  1. Amazon prime now.  Your stuff comes in an hour, ya’ll.
  2. Childcare at the grocery store.  That is also free.
  3. You don’t have to pump your own gas.
  4. Free park lunches during the summer
  5. So many bible schools  and camps for the summer
  6. Activities for kids are way cheaper here than anywhere I’ve ever lived
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    1. Free park lunches? Grocery child care would have been heaven when mine were little! I can’t remember when I last had someone pump my gas other than my not so little kidlets!
      Glad you’re settling in!

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