My review of Oliver! By Cardinal Stage Company!

December 18, 2016

Disclosure:   I received two complimentary tickets in exchange for a honest review!  All opinions expressed are my own.


I had the chance to watch Oliver! yesterday, and it was absolutely amazing.  Cardinal Stage Company always does an amazing job!  This was by far my favorite production they’ve ever done.  I was mesmerized by the children in this play, they did such a wonderful job.  Such talent in such small people, it was remarkable.  I remember reading, Oliver Twist when I was about seven. My grandmother gave me the book when I complained about dinner one night.  I recognized several of the songs, but I’d never seen the musical before.  The songs were beautiful, and Cardinal made amazing props and the stage was transformed often.  It was really, really wonderful and if you can still get your hands on a ticket- I strongly encourage it.  Cardinal does an annual family holiday event, and this was it for year.

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